Sales Insights for HubSpot Initial Configuration Guide

Before you Start

Before using Sales Insights for HubSpot, you must complete the following onboarding steps:

  1. Activate your RollWorks pixel on your website.
  2. Connect your HubSpot account to RollWorks.
  3. Configure your General Exclusions in RollWorks Settings.
  4. ​​You must be an Administrator in RollWorks to configure Sales Insights and assign seats to your team.

Once these four steps are complete, you are ready to onboard your Sales Team with Sales Insights following the steps below.


Step 1. Set HubSpot as your default CRM

Since Sales Insights can be configured for HubSpot or Salesforce, you will need to set HubSpot as your default CRM in RollWorks in order to activate Sales Insights for HubSpot.

  • Log in to RollWorks and go to Settings > Integrations > HubSpot.
  • Mark the checkbox next to Set HubSpot as CRM.


  • If you miss this step, you will be prompted to connect and select your default CRM when you access Sales Insights from Settings > Sales Insights > Seat Management.



Step 2. Exclude specific accounts or URLs from Sales Insights notifications

Optionally we give you the flexibility to exclude specific accounts or website pages from Account Spike alert emails sent to your team.

  • Click URL and General Exclusions under Customize Set Up.


  • Toggle on Apply General Exclusions if you want to exclude all the accounts set up in your general RollWorks account settings. 🔎 Learn about General Exclusions in this help center guide.
  • Under URL Exclusions add the URL for specific website pages that you want to exclude from all Account Spike email alerts sent to your team.



Step 3. Confirm how many seats you have available

Depending on your RollWorks subscription you will have a different number of Sales Insights seats available to assign to your Sales Team so they can receive Account Spike email alerts. 

To find out how many Sales Insights seats you have available:

  • Go to Settings > Sales Insights > Seat Management
  • Look at Assign Seats and you will see the number of seats used


Contact your Sales Team

You have a limited amount of Sales Insights seats that unlock valuable Account insights about your prospects to your Sales Reps and Managers. We recommend that you work directly with your Sales Team to decide who will receive a seat, as well as define the process to assign Sales Insights seats to new Sales hires.


Step 4. Assign Seats to your Sales Team

  • Go to Settings > Sales Insights > Seat Management
  • All your HubSpot internal users will be listed automatically under the column Name. Note: Your HubSpot users do not need to have their own RollWorks user account to get a seat for Sales Insights.
  • Find the name of the team member that needs access. Alternatively, you can use the search box or apply a filter to find the users that need access.
  • Mark the checkbox on the left-hand side of the user’s name.


  • Select one option under Notification View to choose what type of alerts this user should receive.  
  • Good to know

    Ownership for HubSpot Company records is based on the field ‘Company Owner.’ In the unusual event that you have multiple owners for company records, only the sales rep listed under ‘Company Owner’ will receive notifications.

  • Choose the best type of email alerts for your different Sales Team members. Our recommendations are:
      • For Sales Managers and Sales Ops: Select ‘Unowned Companies’ so that they receive Account Spike alerts for Company records that do not have an assigned owner and should be assigned to a Sales Rep based on their activity and engagement level.
      • For Sales Reps: Select ‘Owned Companies,’ so that they only receive Account Spike alerts for the Company records they own in HubSpot.
      • For Sales Managers who own companies in HubSpot: Select ‘Owned & Unowned Companies’ so that they receive email alerts both for the accounts they own and the accounts that need to be assigned to a Sales Rep.
Alert Type Notification View Who should receive these alerts?

Unowned Companies: The user will receive Spike notifications for any HubSpot Companies where the ‘Company Owner’ field is blank.

Sales Managers and Sales Ops

owned com.jpg Owned Companies: The user will receive Spike notifications for any HubSpot Companies where they are the ‘Company Owner.’

Sales Reps

Zrzut ekranu (132).jpg

Owned & Unowned: The user will receive Spike notifications for any HubSpot Companies where they are the ‘Company Owner’ or when ‘Company Owner’ is blank.

Sales Managers who own companies in HubSpot

  • Toggle on/off Daily Email Notifications to choose if you want to send Account Spike daily email alerts to this user.unnamed.jpeg
  • Click Save Changes
  • You are done! 


Step 5: Create an Account Spike report in HubSpot and share it with your sales team

We recommend that you or your CRM Admin create an Account Spike report for all your sales team. Follow the instructions in this guide for step-by-step instructions and our recommended report setup.


Next steps for your Sales team

After assigning a Sales Insights seat to your SDRs, Sales Reps, and Sales Managers they will get access to:

Sales Insights Feature Description
Account Spike email alerts

Daily email alerts are sent when their assigned accounts and/or unassigned accounts are spiking in engagement so they can prioritize outreach. Account Spike email alerts include a snapshot of spiking accounts with contact-level engagement details.

🔎 Share this help center article with your sales team to learn how to act on their Account Spike email alerts.

Act on RollWorks account and contact insights available through the widget in HubSpot View spiking account and contact-level engagement details in HubSpot. Even if a HubSpot user is not assigned a Sales Insights seat they will still be able to:




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