Find Account Spikes with matched HubSpot Contacts

Follow the instructions below to find a list of Account Spikes that have a matched contact we were able to deanonymize:

  1. Create a HubSpot report of recent Spiking Companies that have matched contacts using the Company property 'Last Spike has Matched Contacts'. Learn how to create this report here.
  2. From the report, click on any Spiking Company record with a recent spike that has matched contacts.LAST SPIKE HAS MATCHED CONTACTS.jpg
  3. You will be taken to the Company record that has a recent Spike and has matched contacts. Scroll down to find the RollWorks Sales Insights CRM Card in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click 'View Activity Details' on a day that indicates there is at least 1 Matched visitor.                                       NEW.jpg
  5. In the next window, you can visualize the details for the matched contacts.


Contact data is not written in your contact records

We don't write contact-level ad performance metrics or spike data in HubSpot Contact or Lead records, therefore you cannot create Contact or Lead HubSpot reports using RollWorks data.

What engagement activity is available for matched contacts?

When we detect a matched visitor we will indicate:

  • The Contact Name and Job Title as recorded in your HubSpot CRM and a link to the contact record.


Activity details available for matched contacts

The following table includes the engagement activity details available for contacts and leads that we are able to deanonymize.

Activity Details

How to use it?

Conversion page views

Did the matched contact fill out a form or sign up for a demo? Any leads I can follow up on?

Page views

Is the matched contact looking at a lot of different pages of my company’s website? Or specific pages that denote interest in a specific product or solution? How many times in a row?

Ad clicks

Did the contact click on our ads? How interesting are our ads to them?

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