Create an Index Page for Spiking Companies

In HubSpot when you click on the ‘Company’ tab in the top navigation menu you will be taken to the Company Index Page.

Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_2.58.11_PM.pngHere you can create basic ‘Company Views’ of your HubSpot Company records. You can add 'Columns' and 'Filters' for Account Spike data to customize it. The result will be a list view of Companies that match the criteria you filtered for and are displayed in the order you prefer by sorting columns. Creating your own Company Index Pages using Sales Insights data is a great way to have quick access to a relevant list of Companies you should prioritize and keep top of mind:

  • Login to HubSpot, click the tab Contacts, and click Companies.


  • Click Add view.Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_2.12.01_PM.png
  • Click Create new view.


  • Name your view Companies Spiking (RW) and click Save.


  • A new tab will appear for your new Company List called Companies Spiking (RW).
  • Click Actions and select Edit Columns.Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_3.09.15_PM.png
  • Search 'spike' to find the RollWorks Account Spike data available and select the three properties Spike Level, Spike Date, and Last Spike has Matched Contacts and click Apply.Screen_Shot_2022-06-28_at_3.10.50_PM.png
  • Click All Filters, search the word spike and click the Company Property Spike Date.
  • Apply the filter 'Spike Date is known.


  • Sort by Spike Date to view the most recent Spiking Companies.
  • Don't forget to click Save View.


You are done! The resulting Company List includes all your HubSpot Company records that have had an Account Spike in the past. You can add more filters and customize this basic Company view as needed.


Good to know

  • HubSpot Company Index Pages can be saved as a tab.
  • You can create multiple Company Index Pages by adding different filtering and sorting combinations and saving multiple list views as a tab.
  • Learn more about how to use Index Pages for any records in this HubSpot Knowledge Base article.


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