Introduction to Sales Insights Features

What is Sales Insights

Sales Insights is a RollWorks feature that helps SDRs, Sales Reps and Sales Managers better prioritize accounts for outreach by using data science to uncover signals of account engagement. It provides account and contact spiking insights to your sales team using:

  1. Daily Account Spike email alerts for your sales team.
  2. View key insights directly in Salesforce or HubSpot for Spiking Accounts.

Sales Insights will enable you to:

  • Turn your marketing programs into sales action using the Account-based engagement activity from RollWorks to activate your sales outreach.
  • Drive more meetings with the right contacts and open more opportunities with your target accounts.
  • Drive more efficient sales outreach, using data science to eliminate the guesswork and integrate directly into existing sales team workflows in Salesforce or HubSpot.
  • Personalize sales outreach with a better understanding of account and contact-level engagement activity and a 360-degree view of the account journey through Journey Events.

Sales Insights includes the following components:

Sales Insights component Description

Account Spike data science model

Spike model icon.png

The Account Spike Model is the underlying data science model that flags spiking accounts for daily sales prioritization. Based on historical engagement data compared to a 72-hour baseline, the Account Spike data science model assigns weightings to each engagement signal and calculates the account’s Spike Level (high, medium, or low).

🔎 Learn more about how the Account Spike data science model works here.

Account Spike email alerts

email alert icon.png

Daily email alerts are sent to your Sales Reps when their assigned accounts are spiking in engagement so that they can prioritize outreach. Simultaneously, daily email alerts are sent to your Sales Managers when unassigned accounts are spiking in engagement so that they can effectively assign these accounts to a Sales Rep.

🔎  Learn more about how to use Spike email Alerts.

Account Spike data directly in your CRM

CRM icons.png

Your sales team can visualize Account Spike data and contact-level engagement details directly in your CRM:

Additionally, your sales team can leverage CRM reports using RollWorks Account Spike data:


Who can access

Sales Insights is available to customers with a paid RollWorks subscription: Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Each package includes a set number of Sales Insights seats and additional seats are available for purchase at an additional cost. 

RollWorks package Sales Insights Seats included
Starter 5
Standard 10
Professional 15
Ultimate 20

The following table indicates which Sales Insights features require a user seat assigned: 

Sales Insights Feature Requires a Sales Insights Seat?
Receive Account Spike email alerts Yes
Visualize Account Spike data and Contact engagement details directly in your CRM through a CRM widget. Yes
Create reports directly in your CRM using Account Spike data fields No


Supported CRMs

To enable your sales team to use Sales Insights you must connect RollWorks with of one the following supported CRMs:

CRM CRM editions supported Steps to use Sales Insights in your CRM
SalesforceSF LOGO.png

Any API-enabled Salesforce edition such as Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Developer Edition, or Performance Edition.

Click here to view the latest list of API-enabled Salesforce editions.

HubSpothb logo.png

Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise HubSpot product subscriptions.

Click here to find your HubSpot subscription.


Account Spike data science model

The underlying technology that powers Sales Insights is an Account Spike data science model that analyzes a variety of account engagement signals for all accounts engaging with your website and ads, every day. It then compares the daily activity to a 72-hour account engagement baseline to determine which accounts are spiking in activity.

This engagement activity is collected through the RollWorks Pixel which is placed on your website and gives RollWorks the ability to monitor which of your website pages are viewed, and in some cases, by whom. RollWorks can de-anonymize your website visitors only if these visitors already exist in your CRM as contacts or leads.

Below is the list of engagement signal inputs used by the Account Spike data science model to generate a Spike Raw Score and Spike Level for an account:

Engagement Signal Input Definition
Page Views Count of website page views from visitors that belong to the Spiking Account.
Unique Visitors Count of unique site visitors within the Spiking Account who visit 1 page on your website. Multiple unique visitors mean that multiple unique cookies in the same account are engaging with your website.
Engaged Visitors Count of unique site visitors who engaged with at least 2 pages of your website.
Recurring Visitors The same unique visitor has engaged on pages of your website for multiple days in a row.
Lead Form Conversions Completion of lead-form conversions from the account on your website.
Ad Clicks Count of clicks on ads served through RollWorks.

The Account Spike data science model learns and adapts based on your website’s levels of account engagement and assigns a Spike Level to an account based on machine learning. Based on historical engagement data our model assigns a different weighting to each engagement signal input so that the Spike Levels are dynamic and responsive to the volume of your site traffic to ensure that when accounts are flagged as 🔥🔥🔥 High, 🔥🔥 Medium, or 🔥 Low for spike activity, it is based on your own organic website engagement.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.48.54 PM.png

Once Account Spike is calculated Sales Insights will:

  • Map spiking accounts and engaged visitors to your CRM Account and Contact records.
  • De-anonymize contact-level engagement details for existing CRM contacts.


Spiking Accounts conditions

RollWorks only detects Account Spikes when the following conditions are met:

  • For assigned Accounts/Companies in your CRM: at least one Sales Insights Seat should be configured for the user who owns the account in your CRM. The seat should be set to trigger email alerts for 'unassigned' or 'both assigned & unassigned' accounts.
  • For unassigned Accounts/Companies in your CRM: at least one Sales Insights Seat should be configured to receive email alerts for 'unassigned' or 'both assigned & unassigned' accounts.

Learn more about how to configure Sales Insights Seats in the articles below:

CRM How to configure Sales Insights



Configure Sales Insights Seats with Salesforce to send email alerts to your Sales team.


hb logo.png

Configure Sales Insights Seats with HubSpot to send email alerts to your Sales team.


Spiking Contacts conditions

Once Sales Insights identifies a Spiking Account we will attempt to uncover who are the visitors that are driving the Spike for a specific account. To successfully deanonymize a contact and display the contact details to your sales team, all the conditions below must be met:

  1. The Account spiked based on our Sales Insights Spiking Model.
  2. A contact record with a correct email address existed in your CRM prior to the Account Spike. 
  3. The email address captured by the Pixel is an exact 1-to-1 match with the email address in the existing contact in your CRM.

Maintain your CRM contacts up to date

Maintaining quality contacts with correct email addresses in your CRM will result in better deanonymization match rates.

When we are able to deanonymize a matched visitor for an Account you will be able to visualize:

      • The Contact Name and Job Title as recorded in your CRM contact record and a link to the contact record.
      • A link to the contact LinkedIn Profile.
      • If it's a 'New Visitor' or a 'Recurring visitor'.
      • The URLs visited.
      • Any Conversion Lead Forms submitted.
      • How many Ad clicks.

In HubSpot

In Salesforce

CONTACT DETAILS.png SF insights in salesforce.png




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