Introduction to Contact Lists

What are Contact Lists

Contact lists are a collection of emails that you bring over to RollWorks so that we can match them to browser cookies and then target them with digital ads using Contact Targeting Campaigns or exclude them from specific ABM campaigns.

Contact Lists are an effective approach if you have an existing database of contacts that are part of an Account's buying committee. Targeting contact lists can help you engage key buyers regardless if that contact has visited your website or ads, or has engaged with your sales teams.

How to source contact lists?

Your contact lists can come from different sources:

  • Pre-existing contacts you already have in your CRM or MAP that are part of the buying committee at your target accounts.
  • Third-party email lists you have purchased and have the right to engage.
  • Website visitors who completed a fill-in lead form prior to tracking your website traffic with our Pixel.
  • Website visitors with long sales cycles that were once part of your RollWorks Website Audiences, but have fallen out of your set Audience Duration.
  • Prospects who shared their contact information at an in-person event.
What are the benefits of targeting contact lists?

The main benefits of targeting contact lists are:

  • Engaging known contacts with ads to complement your cross-channel contact nurturing programs.
  • Unifying your first-party account and contact data with additional first and third-party data that RollWorks comes to the table with to create a holistic contact profile.
  • Aligning online and offline campaigns by deploying consistent and relevant messaging to the same contacts across multiple online and offline channels.


Types of Contact Lists available

You can add contact lists to RollWorks through two methods:

Enhanced Lists [Recommended] Imported Lists
These are contact lists that you create natively in the RollWorks Contact List Builder. The resulting list will include only contacts that already exist in your CRM. Additionally, you can filter these contacts using other data that RollWorks offers you.
Source of contacts
Your existing HubSpot Contacts
Your existing Salesforce Contacts and Leads
Ways to filter the source of your contacts
HubSpot Contact, Account, and Deal objects
Salesforce Contact, Lead, Account, and Opportunity objects
Bombora Company Surge Intent
Journey Stages
Marketo Contact and Account Level Activities


Enhanced Lists vs Imported Lists key differences

Feature Enhanced Lists [Beta] Imported Lists

Dynamic sync

Yes, dynamic sync is set by default. Lists cannot be set as static.

Refreshes every 12 hours.

Optional you can select static or dynamic sync.

Refreshes every 24 hours.

Edit Contact Lists within RollWorks

View contact details within RollWorks 

Use HubSpot data

Use Salesforce data

Import your existing contacts from Marketo, Pardot, and Oracle.

Filter your existing CRM contacts with additional data:

  • Journey Stages
  • Bombora Company Surge intent
  • Marketo Contact and Account Level Activity

Minimum number of emails matched to cookies

No minimum to create an enhanced contact list, but if you want to use the list to serve ads the minimum is 100.

The minimum to create the list is 100.


View your Contact Lists in RollWorks

  • Log in to RollWorks and navigate to Audiences > Contact Lists.
  • You will find two tabs:
    • Enhanced Lists (BETA): This tab will display the contact lists you have created natively in RollWorks using your own Salesforce/HubSpot in combination with other data that RollWorks offers.
    • Imported Lists: This tab will display the contact lists that already existed in your MAP (Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, or Pardot) and that you have imported to RollWorks as is.


For Enhanced Lists only you will be able to see the contact details within RollWorks:


Contact-to-Cookie matching process

Once you add a new contact list to the RollWorks platform, RollWorks will match the email addresses to web browser cookies and this results in a specific number of matched cookies. It can take up to 72 hours to be ready before the cookies are matched to the email addresses and you can start displaying Ads by launching a Campaign. RollWorks matches emails to cookies in three ways:

  1. RollWorks’ proprietary email and cross-device graph.
  2. Cookieless identifiers that enable advertising delivery on cookieless browsers such as Safari and Firefox.
  3. LiveRamp’s email and cross-device graph.

This multi-pronged approach gives RollWorks unparalleled match rates and reach across diverse inventory sources.


Contact data sources available

 Source Description Automatic sync available


Upload a CSV file

Manually upload a static CSV file including a list of email addresses. Click here to learn how.


Sync from Salesforce

Option 1 [Recommended]: Create an Enhanced Contact List natively in RollWorks combining your Salesforce contacts with Bombora Company Surge Intent and Journey Stages. Click here to learn how.

Option 2: Import Salesforce contacts using the legacy feature RollWorks List Manager. Unless you already have used this method in the past we strongly suggest not using this option. Click here to learn how.


Sync from HubSpot

Option 1 [Recommended]: Create an Enhanced Contact List natively in RollWorks combining your HubSpot contacts with Bombora Company Surge Intent and Journey Stages. Click here to learn how.

Option 2: Import your pre-existing HubSpot contact lists to RollWorks as is. Click here to learn how.


Sync from Marketo

Import your existing email lists from Marketo.


Sync from Oracle Eloqua

Import your existing email lists using the Oracle Eloqua Integration.

Sync from Pardot

Import your existing email lists using the Pardot Integration.

Sync from API

Import your existing email lists using our API.

This is a customized solution, please reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

Click here to view our API developer guide.


Contact Lists FAQ

When will my imported Contact Lists be ready to be targeted in the RollWorks platform?

After you create a contact list to RollWorks by either uploading a CSV file, creating a contact list natively in RollWorks, or importing an existing list from your CRM or MAP, RollWorks will take up to 72 hours to match the email addresses with cookies.

Depending on the size of your contact list this process may be faster than 72 hours. Make sure you take this into consideration when planning the start date of your campaigns targeting Contact Lists.


How often is the data in my Contacts Lists refreshed?

For Enhanced Contact Lists every 12 hours.

For Imported Contact Lists every 24 hours. 


How many cookies will be matched to each email address in my list?

It is common and expected to match multiple cookies to each email address. For example, it is expected that if you upload a list of 1,000 email addresses, you will match a much larger cookie audience than 1,000. While the exact amount of cookies matched to an email address varies greatly based on how many devices, browsers, and locations a user is browsing with, anything from 3 to 10 cookies per user is the average.


Can I target Contact Lists with Web and Facebook campaigns?

Yes. For US advertisers, Contact Lists created with your email lists can be targeted on both Web Campaigns and Facebook/Instagram campaigns. We recommend using US-based email addresses to maximize the number of cookie matches. US-based email addresses match at a higher rate than non-US email addresses.


Can I target Contact Lists with Web campaigns outside of the US?

Outside of the US, Contact Lists have limited functionality on Web campaigns. We are working on building this functionality. 


Why is a Journey Stage greyed out and saying no data is available in the Enhanced Contact List builder?

Journey Stages may have no data available for two reasons:

  • Because the Journey Stage itself does not have any accounts that qualify based on the Journey Stage rules.

  • Because the Journey Stage was recently created or edited and the accounts that meet the Journey Stage criteria are still loading.



What permissions do I need to import my email lists to RollWorks?

Import Contact Lists responsibly! It's important to respect the rights of your customers and prospects when engaging in online and offline marketing activities. It's your responsibility to make sure that you have the rights and permissions needed to upload your customer and prospect email lists onto the RollWorks Contact Lists onboarding platform, including their consent where required. We suggest that you consult with your legal counsel.


Why am I not seeing values that I know exist in my CRM?

If no accounts or contacts match a particular value, the value will not be available as an option in the value selector.  For example, let's say you want to use Salesforce Opportunities as an attribute, and you want to see contacts at accounts in the Assessment stage.  If no accounts are in the Assessment stage, then Assessment will not show up as an option with typeahead.

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