Troubleshooting a New Campaign not Serving Impressions

If after launching a brand new campaign in RollWorks, it is not serving any impressions, follow the troubleshooting steps below: 


Confirm your campaign has been running for 48 hours

This will allow for finalized metrics to reflect on the RollWorks platform. If after 48 hours the campaign still doesn’t start serving impressions, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.


Confirm your campaign dates

Verify the Start Date of your campaign and compare it with the date range you selected. Make sure the date range in the platform is set to the current date.


Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 7.48.10 PM.png


image (59).png


Verify your Audience size

If your target audience is too narrow, we recommend increasing the size of your audience and allowing more time for the RollWorks Pixel to track more users.

If you notice that there are no visitors tracked in your audience, please ensure that the RollWorks Pixel is firing on all pages on your website. You may review the status of the pixel on your website using PixelPal.


Verify the review status and size of your Ads

  • Check the Status of the Ads: If the ad creatives uploaded to your Ad Library are not in line with our Ad Review Policies your campaign will fail our Ad Review Process and will not serve impressions. Click here to learn how to check the review status of your campaigns. 
  • Ensure you have uploaded all recommended ad sizes: If at a minimum you don’t upload all recommended ad sizes, your campaign might not serve impressions. Click here to learn the recommended ad sizes you should upload and use in your campaign.


Verify your Geotargeting Settings

If you have set your campaign Geotargeting settings to manual, please make sure that you are targeting the country/region from which your visitors are coming. 

Let’s say you have 90% of visitors coming from the US, however, if you have set the Geogtargeting location to Canada, the campaign might not serve impressions. 

  • Make sure your Geotargeting settings are not too narrow.
  • Make sure you are targeting the correct location.


Still need help?

If after completing all the troubleshooting steps in this article your brand new campaign is still not serving impressions, reach out to the RollWorks Customer Support Team. 

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