Image Web Ads Guide

What are Image Web Ads

Image ads are the most common type of display ad. They consist of a single file, minimal animation, and one landing page. Image ads have a background graphic, a business logo, and a call-to-action. We recommend these as an essential part of every campaign.


Who can access

Web Image Ads are available for all RollWorks customers.

Your Package Image Web Ads (Static)
Standard Advertising Included
Advanced Advertising Included
ABM Included
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Included
Standard (Legacy) Included
Professional (Legacy) Included
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Included

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


What sizes are recommended for Image Web Ads

We recommend that you have the following six most popular ad sizes, at minimum. The more ad sizes you upload, the more reach your campaign will have and the better it will perform.


Placement Size
Desktop, Mobile (phone/tablet) 300 x 250
Desktop, Mobile (phone/tablet) 300 x 600
Desktop, Mobile (phone/tablet) 728 x 90
Desktop, Mobile (phone/tablet) 320 x 50
Desktop, Mobile (phone/tablet) 160 x 600
Desktop 970 x 250


Other supported sizes for Image Web Ads

Type Size
Full Banner 468 wide x 60 high
Small Rectangle 180 wide x 150 high
Large Rectangle 336 wide x 280 high
Skyscraper 120 wide x 600 high
Vertical Banner 120 wide x 240 high
Square Button 125 wide x 125 high
Square 250 wide x 250 high
Tiny Rectangle 120 wide x 60 high
Mid Square 200 wide x 200 high
3:1 Rectangle 300 wide x 100 high

Mobile ad sizes

Please know that the possibility of showing a certain ad size on mobile depends on the publisher. Some publishers may allow certain sizes on mobile and others don't. The most common mobile ad sizes are  320x50, and 300x250.


Image Web Ads Specifications

Field Ad Copy Specs

Supported File Types

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • GIF up to 30 seconds, 15-20 fps, no endless looping

Maximum File Size

  • Limited to 150KB

Destination URL 

  • Limited to 1,024 characters
  • Do not use redirecting URLs
  • URLs can't direct to a payment processor like PayPal.
  • URLs can't direct to a video, for example, a video on or Dailymotion.
  • Includes your UTM Parameters
  • Macros are permitted


How do I upload my Image Web Ads to RollWorks


  • Drop the file or click Browse to select a properly sized ad.
  • Enter the following fields: 
      • Name
      • Destination URL
  • Click Upload and choose the file.

Once the Ads are approved, these new Ads can be used for your campaigns in the RollWorks Platform.


How do I troubleshoot my Image Web Ads

There are a couple of items that you can check if you are having issues with your image web ads:

  • Make sure that your logo is on the creative image.
  • The landing page must include a link to the homepage and/or site privacy policy.
  • The destination URL should not redirect to a different website or redirect to a video, for example, a video on Dailymotion or
  • GIF Ads cannot loop endlessly or be longer than 30 seconds.
  • Review our Advertising Policies Guidelines to learn how you can make sure your ads and site are compliant.
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