Geotargeting Options for Web Campaigns

By Country

You can select one or multiple countries as your geotargeting filter for a Web Campaign. The following guides have step-by-step instructions to launch a Web Campaign and set up geotargeting by country:


Granular Geotargeting: City, State, US zip code

Granular geotargeting based on city, State, or US zip code is available under the Campaign Audience Settings. 

  Granular geotargeting is not available for Playbooks

While RollWorks Web Campaigns include granular geotargeting (city, state, region, Zip Code) as a default feature, Playbooks only include geotargeting by country. Learn more about Playbooks.


Global Geotargeting

Global geotargeting based on a global region, for example, APAC, is not available. As a workaround, you can manually select all the countries that make up a Global Region individually.


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