What is the Site Visitor API?

The Site Visitor API enables the identification of a site visitor, in real-time, across a variety of firmographic attributes. The firmographic data can be used to enable the personalization of your website, generate enhanced analytics to analyze site traffic, or use with other applications in your organization.

The Site Visitor API provides you with the following features and benefits:

  • Deanonymize your website traffic: match your website visitors to account-level data.
  • Understand your web visitors: use firmographic attributes to identify company name, domain, size, revenue, and industry.
  • Connect your RollWorks account to Google Analytics: send RollWorks firmographic data to Google Analytics.
  • Sync real-time visitor data into other RollWorks Partner Integrations: import website Hushly, Reactful, and Uberflip for site and content personalization.
  • Help inform your business decisions: For example, tailor your content strategy based on how certain types of companies interact with different content.
  • Import real-time visitor data to your company data warehouse: power other applications in your organization, for example, to activate chatbots, or to create alerts based on lookalike models defined by your Business Intelligence teams.


Who is eligible to access the Site Visitor API?

The Site Visitor API is included for customers with a Professional or Ultimate subscription package at no additional cost. Customers with a Starter or Standard subscription package can purchase the Site Visitor API as an add-on.

To find your current subscription package, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage. If you do not have an active package you will not see 'Plans & Usage'.


How do I set up the Site Visitor API?

Before you start, you must have a properly configured and installed RollWorks Pixel on your website.

  • Login to the RollWorks platform and Navigate to 'Integrations' > 'Site Visitor API' and click the 'Site Visitor API' card.


  • Toggle on the Site Visitor API to 'Enabled'
  • Under ‘Send Data to Google Analytics' you can select one of the following options:
'Send with Google Tag Manager' Select this if you use Google Tag Manager and would like to send RollWorks data both to Google Analytics and to other applications such as Hushly, Uberflip, or Reactful.
'Send directly to Google Analytics' Select this if you would like to write the data directly to Google Analytics, but do not want to use the data for other applications.

'Do not send data to Google Analytics'

Select this if you do not use Google Tag Manager, but would like to send this data to other applications such as Hushly, Uberflip, or Reactful.
  • Copy the 'API Attribute Key' on the right side  
  • Click 'Save'



To finish your Site Visitor API set-up, navigate to the following guides for partner-specific instructions:

You can refer to this API documentation for additional technical information on how to set up the Site Visitor API and for the Glossary of Site Visitor API attributes available.


Site Visitor API FAQs

What kind of data is available via the Site Visitor API?

Site Visitor API provides the following firmographic attributes: 

  • Domain
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Company Size (Employees)
  • Company Revenue

Refer to this API documentation for a Glossary of Site Visitor API attributes available to you.


Can I add additional attributes to the Site Visitor API?

If you would like to see new RollWorks attributes available through the Site Visitor API, we'd love to learn more about your needs and use cases.

Click here to share your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts with us in the Accountable Marketing Collective, a RollWorks community.


Can the Site Visitor API pull data retroactively?

You can pull data from the start date of when your Site Visitor integration is completed, onwards. Data prior to the integration start date will not be available.


What partner applications can ingest Site Visitor API data?

The following applications can ingest data from the Site Visitor data:


What makes RollWorks data different from other options in the marketplace? 

We utilize a variety of data sources including, IP data, 3rd party data, and user-submitted data from our co-op to determine the firmographic profile of a website visitor. This approach results in more robust deanonymization capabilities than relying solely on IP data.

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