Intent Targeting Playbook Overview

What is the Intent Targeting Playbook?

The Intent Targeting Playbook offers customers a pre-packaged advertising campaign set to activate against accounts that are demonstrating high intent.

Who is eligible to access?

RollWorks customers on a Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package have access to Account Intent data as part of their package. Customers on the Starter package can utilize user-level intent in their Account Targeting Playbook.


  • Dedicated Intent targeting. Launch ads specifically for Intent driven campaigns
  • Audience creation. Create advertising audiences based on intent levels, intent topics, and last intent date
  • Intent Playbook. Engage and nurture accounts demonstrating intent with digital ads via easy campaign set-up and activation


  • Easily create intent-signal based engagement. Segment your target account list for targeted ad campaigns and sales outreach
  • Optimize budget allocation. Increase ABM program ROI with smarter targeting and more effective engagement 
  • Align marketing and sales. Work off a common prioritized account list for maximum impact


RollWorks customers on a Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package will have access to the Intent Targeting Playbook as part of their subscription. The number of intent topics and % of accounts available to be engaged in the Intent Targeting Playbook will depend on the package.

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Getting Started with Account Intent

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Best Practice

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