Using the Contacts Tab to prioritize outreach

What is the Contacts Tab

  Who is the Contacts Tab for?

Your Sales Reps will benefit the most from using the Contacts Tab. When we refer to Sales Reps this includes your SDRs, BDRs, New Business Sales Reps, SDR/BDR Managers, and Sales Managers.

Your Sales Reps and Sales Managers should use the Contacts Tab for three reasons:

  • Makes prospecting more efficient by providing Sales Reps data around accounts and contacts in one place.
  • Helps prioritize contacts for outreach by giving Sales Reps easy access to contacts at (surging) target accounts.
  • Improves reply rates by providing Sales Reps with key information that can be used to personalize messaging.


Contact Activity Timeline

The Contacts Tab includes many marketing data points that help your sales team understand more about a contact's activity for example page views, ad clicks, job title, activity date, Marketing Interesting Moment, Outreach sequence enrollment, Marketo open email, SFDC email sent, HubSpot email sent, etc.

Within the Contacts Tab, you can click on a specific contact to see a timeline of their activities across RollWorks, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.


These are the types of activities you can find:

Timeline activities

Page Views and Ad Clicks


Email Sent, Call, Meeting, Note, Task, Event, Cadence


Email Sent, Email Reply, Call, Meeting, Conversation Session, Task, Note


Email Sent, Email Open, Click Link, Interesting Moment, Form Fill, Unsubscribe


Who can access

The Contacts Tab is available to customers with a paid RollWorks subscription: Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. 

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Prerequisites before you can use the Contacts tab

  Integrate your CRM and your MAP

Ensure that your RollWorks account is connected to your main CRM and MAP through our Salesforce Integration, HubSpot Integration, and Marketo Integration.

  Assign Sales Insights Seats to your Sales Reps

Ensure your sales reps have a Sales Insights seat assigned, otherwise, they will not be able to access the Contacts Tab or the Sales Insights widget in your CRM. Learn how to assign a Sales Insights seat to your Sales Reps for Salesforce and HubSpot users.

 Create your own custom 'Sales Ready' Journey Stage

Customize Journey Stages by creating a new stage called 'Sales Ready'. This new stage determines the threshold when an account has enough engagement to be passed over to Sales. Click here to learn how.

Depending on where you access the Contacts Tab you may need a Sales Insights seat assigned to you:

  • To access the Contacts Tab directly within your CRM you must have a Sales Insights seat assigned. Each RollWorks package includes a set number of Sales Insights seats and additional seats are available for purchase at an additional cost. Learn how to assign a Sales Insights seat to your Sales Reps for Salesforce and HubSpot users.
  • To access the Contacts Tab directly within the RollWorks app you only need login credentials to the RollWorks platform. Click here to learn how to add users to your RollWorks account.


How to use the Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab exists in two places: in the RollWorks platform and directly in your CRM through the RollWorks Sales Insights widget:

Find the Contacts Tab in the RollWorks platform
  • Log in to RollWorks.
  • Click on the name of any account anywhere in the platform, for example from an Account List.
  • The Account Card will open, then click the Contacts Tab.

What activities are tracked under the Contacts tab?

'Last Activity' includes contact activities recorded in Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo. 

Find the Contacts Tab in Salesforce
  • Log in to Salesforce.
  • Open any account record. We recommend that you use the Account Spike Salesforce Report to find specific accounts that have an Account Spike within the last 7 days.
  • Click the tab called RollWorks Sales Insights.
  • Scroll down until you see Journey Events and click the Contacts Tab.


Find the Contacts Tab in HubSpot
  • Log in to HubSpot.
  • Open any Company record with recent activity. We recommend creating an Account Spike report in HubSpot to find specific company records that have an Account Spike within the last 7 days.
  • On the right side, you will see a RollWorks Sales Insights CRM Card. You may need to scroll down to find it.
  • Click the button called View Journey Events. If you cannot see this button contact the administrator of your RollWorks accounts to receive a Sales Insights seat. Learn how to assign a Sales Insights seat to your Sales Reps for Salesforce and HubSpot users.

  • The Sales Insights CRM widget will open in the middle of your screen as a pop-up.
  • Scroll down until you see Journey Events and click the Contacts Tab.


Use Case for Sales Reps: Prioritize and personalize your outreach

Watch this 5-minute walkthrough to learn how your Sales Reps should use Account Spike Reports, the Sales Insights CRM Widget, and the Contacts Tab to prioritize and personalize their outreach.

  Best practice: Create a 'Sales Ready' Journey Stage

In this use case, we created our own custom Journey Stage called 'Sales Ready' that is configured based on our own criteria for accounts that we consider ready to be passed to sales. Click here to learn how to create your own 'Sales Ready' Journey Stage.

  1. Your Sales Reps should start by finding a relevant Account/Company record in your CRM:
    • Open the Spiking Account Report to find accounts that have matched contacts. Learn more about Account Spike reports in Salesforce and in HubSpot.
    • Pro tip: Edit the Account Spike report for your sales team and filter only accounts in the 'Sales Ready' Journey Stage.
  2. Once a relevant account has been identified, your Sales Reps can deep dive into and access granular information to understand and evaluate the account:
    • From the report click on the account name.
    • The account record will open, then click the tab called RollWorks Sales Insights to see additional insights that will help your sales rep decide if this account is worth their time: intent topics, ad impressions, email opens, website activity, page views, ad clicks, webinars watched, blog posts, etc. Some good indicators are:
      • The account is surging with intent topics.
      • The account has email opens.
      • The account shows website activity: page views, webinars, etc.
  3. Once your Sales Rep validates the account shows enough signals and activity, they will need to understand which contacts to reach out to and how to personalize their outreach:
    • Go to the Contacts Tab to find all the contacts at the account that already exist in your CRM, personal information about them, and the activities the contact has been engaging with to help identify which contact is worth your team to start an outreach effort.
    • Click on a specific contact to open the Contact Activity Timeline which will give you further details about the contact activities across RollWorks, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo.
  4. Once your Sales Rep identifies a relevant contact they want to engage:
    • Add them to a Sequence in, or email them through your own system. 
    • Use the insights you have gathered about the contact to personalize your messaging, for example, which webinar they signed up for, which value pages they viewed or which intent topics are they surging with.


Adding a contact to an outreach sequence

The Outreach Integration allows you to take action on contacts by adding them to a sequence directly from the Sales Insights CRM widget. Learn more here.


Troubleshooting: Some contacts are greyed out

If Name and Last Name are blank in your CRM, the associated contacts will appear greyed out in RollWorks and you will not be able to take any action through the Contacts Tab. To fix this issue, update the Name and Last Name in the contact record in your CRM.

Contacts Tab error.png



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