Introduction to RollWorks Campaigns & Playbooks

What are Campaigns & Playbooks

  • A Campaign is a specifically designed strategy enabling you to reach your audience by serving an ad message across the web and social platforms with a specific end goal in mind, for example, brand awareness. Campaigns are highly customizable. Learn more about Campaigns here.

  • A Playbook is a pre-packaged set of campaigns that sequentially deliver ads to your target audiences. Playbooks are more self-serve and user-friendly. They are designed with you in mind to make it as easy as possible to set up and maintain. Learn more about Playbooks here.

Both Campaigns and Playbooks go through our Ad Campaign Review Process to ensure that they meet our Advertising Policies and Guidelines. Turnaround times for campaign review can fluctuate, but it should never take more than one business day.


Use a RollWorks Campaign when...
  • You are looking to launch advertising campaigns across Facebook/Instagram or LinkedIn.
  • You are a managed customer that:
      • Wants to launch a set of highly customized campaigns that are not currently supported with our Playbooks.
      • Wants to customize the audience segments to exclude and target in a way that is not currently supported with our Playbooks.
      • Wants to retarget website visitors but you have a very large volume of website traffic (over 100,000 visitors) and therefore don’t have the budget to retarget all your visitors.

Use a RollWorks Playbook when...


Bidding technology

Campaigns and Playbooks both rely on BidIQ®, the AI technology powering RollWorks bidding. Ad space is bought and sold through virtual auctions and prices fluctuate depending on demand. The more advertisers vying for a particular impression, the higher the cost of that impression will be.

Our proprietary BidIQ® AI technology helps you to find the right visitor, at the right time, in the right place, at the optimal price across web, social, native, and mobile devices. BidIQ® is enabled by default in your RollWorks account and incorporates learnings into future campaigns.


BidIQ® drives performance by bidding uniquely for every impression, submitting high bids for high-quality impressions and high-intent users, and bidding lower for low-quality impressions. The average of these bids determines your CPM. Since we do not want to keep your campaign from going after visitors that are really likely to convert, we do not impose a maximum CPM. It's important to take into consideration all cost metrics when evaluating your campaign performance: if we're buying fewer impressions with your budget (increased CPM), but ultimately driving more clicks and conversions with these impressions (decreased CPC or CPA), this means that we're hitting the right impressions to help drive optimal performance. In other words, you get quality over quantity.


BidIQ® provides the following benefits:


Artificial Intelligence is only as intelligent as the volume of quality data it processes, and BidIQ® consumes two times more data than the New York Stock Exchange.


BidIQ® has optimized digital marketing strategies for clients of every size and vertical, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises.


BidIQ® performs everything from bidding to product recommendations and learns new digital campaign strategies every day.


With BidIQ® you can make informed decisions across the entire customer journey and get even smarter with every action taken.


Campaign Types

RollWorks Campaigns

Contact Targeting Campaign: Leverage your own e-mail lists to launch a campaign targeting your known Contact Audiences with Web Ads.

Web Lookalike Targeting Campaign: Display Web Ads to unknown users that have not visited your website and that are exhibiting similar behaviors to the users who are visiting and engaging with your website.

Website Retargeting Campaign: Re-engage the Website Audiences who have visited your website or have bounced from your website to keep your brand top of mind, with the goal to ultimately generate form fill submissions Conversions.

Facebook/Instagram Campaigns: Prospect and re-engage users using Facebook and Instagram Ads directly in the RollWorks platform.

      • FB/IG Lookalike Targeting Campaign: find people who are similar to your website audience.
      • FB/IG Retargeting Campaign: bring back visitors who left your site without converting.

LinkedIn Campaigns: Launch an Account-based campaign using LinkedIn Ads directly from the RollWorks platform to reach unknown contacts in your Account Lists to drive awareness and nurture buyers with targeted messaging.


Playbook Types

RollWorks Playbooks

Account Targeting Playbook: Launch a pre-packaged set of ad campaigns way to serve web ads to the Buyer Personas within an Account List and Account Group.

Intent Targeting Playbook: Launch a pre-packaged set of ad campaigns to serve Web Ads to the Buyer Personas within accounts surging with 3rd Party Intent on your selected Intent Topics.

Website Retargeting Playbook: Launch a pre-packaged set of ad campaigns to serve Web Ads to re-engage website visitors, with the goal to ultimately generate form fill submission Conversions on your website.



Can I see what Campaigns and Playbooks are actively targeting a specific Account?

Yes, you can click on an Account name anywhere on the platform to view the Account page details. Within the Account details page click the 'RollWorks Advertising' tab to see the specific Campaigns and Playbooks the account is a part of.


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