What are LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads?

LinkedIn is a professional social media network that offers the B2B advertising channel with the best data quality and user interaction with content. Before you can start creating Linked Ads and launching Linked in Campaigns in RollWorks you must integrate your LinkedIn Business page to the RollWorks Platform. For more information on how to connect the two platforms, visit our LinkedIn Integration Guide.


Who is eligible to use LinkedIn Ads in the RollWorks Platform?

  • RollWoks customers with a Standard, Professional and Ultimate subscription package have access to the LinkedIn integration included with their plan.
  • RollWorks customers with a Starter subscription package can purchase the LinkedIn Integration as an Add-on.

Depending on your package you may have a LinkedIn campaign spend limit per month. If you have reached your LinkedIn spend limit for the month reach out to your Account Manager to upgrade your  Linkedin Connector.

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


What LinkedIn Ad types are supported?

RollWorks supports LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content single image Ads, which is a LinkedIn Page update that is sponsored as an advertisement and is delivered to the LinkedIn feed of members beyond those who follow your company. Sponsored Content as single image Ads include one image and appear directly in the LinkedIn feed of members you want to reach, whether on desktop or mobile devices.

Example of a LinkedIn Sponsored Content single image Ad on desktop

Linked in Ad - desktop.png

Example of a LinkedIn Sponsored Content single image Ad on mobile

Linkedin Ads - Mobile.png


What sizes and creative specs are supported for LinkedIn Ads?

The following are the Ad field requirements for LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads through RollWorks. 


Ad Copy Specs

Name (required)

  • Limited to 255 characters

Image (required)

  • JPG or PNG
  • Max file size 5MB 
  • 1.9:1 ratio
  • 600x315 or higher resolution

Headline (required)

  • We recommend using up to 70 characters to avoid truncation
  • Limited to 200 characters

Description (required)

  • We recommend using up to 100 characters to ensure there is no truncation across LinkedIn and their third-party websites served through the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Limited to 300 characters

Destination URL (required)

  • Limited to 2,000 characters
  • Must include the prefix  http://  or  https://
  • Special characters like <> # % { } [ ] and others may cause errors when included in the query string at the end of the destination URL. Even if spacial characters are accepted, they may not be supported in all browsers
  • Includes your UTM Parameters.

Link Description (optional)

  • Limited to 300 characters
  • The latest versions of LinkedIn’s mobile and desktop rarely show link description text. This text will only show in the following circumstances:
      • Link shares with images less than 200 pixels wide
      • Ads on older versions of the LinkedIn mobile app
      • User views an Ad that has been delivered beyond the LinkedIn feed


How do I upload my LinkedIn Ads to RollWorks?

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 2.40.08 PM.png

  • Click 'Browse' to select a properly sized ad.
  • Enter the Ad fields in the table below and click 'Upload'
  • Once your Ads are approved, you can use them for your LinkedIn campaigns in RollWorks.
Ad Field  Help
Name (required) Use a naming convention. We recommend giving the same name to all Ads with the same messaging without including Ad Type and Ad size. All RollWorks reporting can be filtered by Ad size regardless of the name. If you want to be able to report on an Ad message as a whole, keeping them the same will make this easier.
Title (required)

Use your title to grab your visitor's attention and summarize your ad's purpose

Description (required) Your description is a place to explain a little more about your ad's purpose, such as elaborating on your product or brand and values.
Destination URL (required) This is where someone lands after they click on your ad. Be sure to enter the entire URL  https://www.mycompany.com/page
Description URL (optional) The latest versions of LinkedIn’s mobile and desktop rarely show link description text.



How do I troubleshoot my LinkedIn Ads?

There are a couple of items that you must check if you are experiencing issues with your LinkedIn Ads:

  • Ensure that you are using a secure server https:// to collect or pass personal information.
  • Verify that the domain of your Display URL on your ad matches the domain of your Destination URL.
  • Ensure that your Ads are compliant with LinkedIn's Advertising Policies. Learn more about LinkedIn Ad Guidelines in their help center.
  • Ensure that the word 'LinkedIn' is not used and that your Ad copy used does not imply any affiliation with the LinkedIn platform.
  • If your URL generates an error, copy everything after the question mark into the URL and paste it into a URL encoder like  http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/ then copy your results and replace the original query string in the URL. 
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