How to Create a Retargeting Ad Campaign

Create a new Retargeting campaign 

Step 1: Sign in to RollWorks

Step 2: In your Engage tab go to your Ad Campaigns section and select Create Ad Campaign

Step 3: Select "Retarget Only", name your campaign and input your daily budget for your campaign.

Step 4: Make sure you have General Exclusions set up if you want to make sure you are best limiting ads to the most relevant people. See here for more information on General Exclusions.



Step 5: Name your AdGroup

Step 6: Select your Optimization Strategy for your AdGroup. Learn more about optimization strategies.

Step 7: Determine your start and end date of your AdGroup. If you want the adgroup to remain running as long as the campaign is running, make sure "Custom Adgroup schedule disabled" is selected.

Step 8: Choose or Create your site audience to target within your AdGroup. Learn more about the different audience types you can create for Retargeting campaigns. If you are unsure on which audience to choose, select a 1+ pages viewed audience to start.

Step 9: Select the locations you want to target. For US based advertisers we recommend limiting geotargeting to the United States unless customers from other countries make up your ICP. Geotargeting is limited to country based regions.

Step 10: Select your ads within a RollWorks Campaign you can Choose Existing, Create, Upload or Request Ads. We recommend at least one of each these web ad sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50, 728x90, 970x250, 600x500, 600x315

  1. Optional: Create an additional AdGroup with similar or different elements of the original AdGroup. Our artificial intelligence will optimize towards the best performing ad across AdGroups.

Note: There is a minimum daily budget of $3.00 per AdGroup. If you have a singular AdGroup at the minimum daily budget and you create a second AdGroup, you will be prompted to increase your daily budget for your entire campaign.

Edit an existing campaign

Click on your campaign name from your All Campaigns tab. Once on the campaign level view in your dashboard, click Edit. Note that if you cannot set your daily budget when editing a Retargeting campaign, please contact your account manager for assistance.

Pause an AdGroup

To pause your AdGroup, hover over the three dots next to your AdGroup name on the Campaign page and select Pause. Once paused, the budget previously allocated to that AdGroup will move towards your other AdGroups. If you pause the only AdGroup in your campaign, the campaign will stop spending until the AdGroup is reactivated or a new AdGroup is created.

Complete an AdGroup

To end your AdGroup, click into the Campaign edit page and scroll down to the AdGroup you plan to end. Once in the AdGroup Settings section of the Campaign edit page, select an end date under Start and End Dates. Once the end date has passed, the AdGroup will end and the budget will be re-allocated towards other AdGroups. If you end a singular AdGroup in a campaign, the campaign will end.

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