Tracking Form Fill Submissions as Conversions

Defining your Conversion Audience

Properly defining your conversion audience is key to measuring the success of your advertising investment. At RollWorks, we recommend B2B advertisers to track users who have submitted any lead generation forms as conversion events - we refer to these events as form fill completion pages

Below are some common types of form fill completion pages: 

  • Signup: a person who has completed signing up for a trial or plan/package for your product. 
  • Demo Request: a person who has completed a form to request a demo of a product from your business.
  • Gated Content: a person who has provided their email address or other personal details to download a piece of content.
  • Contact Sales: a person who has completed a form to request to speak to your sales team.
  • Livechat: a person who has provided their email address or booked a meeting through Livechat.
  • Event Registration: a person who has completed registration to attend an online or offline event, such as a webinar or a conference.

Please be aware that form fill completion pages are different from your high value pages. A high value page is typically the landing page prior to the form fill completion page.


High value page → the request a demo landing page: 


Form fill completion page → the “thank you” confirmation page:


Know When a Visitor Converts

Place your RollWorks Pixel so that it fires on every page of your site. Your RollWorks Pixel is the key to tracking your site activity, including conversions.

We’ll know when someone converts based on how you define your conversion audience. The most common ways to define a conversion is through an URL or Event based audience. 

To create a conversion audience, simply follow the directions for the respective audience type and check the box that reads “This is a conversion audience”.  

URL-Based Audience

If you define your conversion as a URL, we count conversions based on visitors landing on your defined URL.

This works if there's a unique URL that visitors can only land on after completing a conversion. For example, a “thank you” confirmation page that appears after downloading a piece of content.

Learn how to set up a URL-Based audience.

Event-Based Audience

If you define your conversion as an action event, we count a conversion any time a visitor performs this action, such as clicking a certain button. We recommend this option if the button doesn't lead to a page that can only be accessed after completing your desired action.

Please be aware that this audience type is currently only available for admins. If you are a current customer and wish to set up an event-based audience, please contact your Account Manager or

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