Salesforce Integration Settings Page

Grant a RollWorks user account to your CRM admin

We recommend adding your CRM admin to your RollWorks account so that they can log in at any time, view and edit your Salesforce Integration settings. 

To adjust your Salesforce Integration Settings click here or log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Salesforce. If you have not integrated RollWorks with your Salesforce org you will not be able to access these settings. Follow the steps in this article to complete the initial integration setup.


View your Integration Status

This section will provide you with the general information about your integration.

1. Authenticated User that is registered to manage the Salesforce integration. We strongly recommend using a dedicated placeholder user to manage/authenticate your integration, instead of an employee user.

2. The URL of your Salesforce instance.

3. Status of your integration.

4. Button to disable the integration. This will stop the sync, but will not uninstall the RollWorks ABM package from your Salesforce Instance. If you want to completely remove the RollWorks ABM App from your instance, contact our Customer Support team.


Select your preferred Sync cadence

Salesforce and RollWorks bi-directional sync can be configured every 24 or every 6 hours.


Select Salesforce as your Default CRM

In the event that you have both Salesforce and HubSpot integrated with RollWorks, this setting allows you to select which one should be your Default CRM. RollWorks will consider this CRM to optimize your experience in the platform.

The following RollWorks features can only be configured for your Default CRM:


Select your Revenue Field in Salesforce

Here you can select the Revenue Field in your Salesforce Opportunities that we should use to calculate $ Amounts revenue-metrics in the Revenue Impact Report

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.30.20 AM.png

Select the Total Revenue Value recorded against an Opportunity

You should carefully select the appropriate Opportunity amount field that reflects the total revenue value recorded against an opportunity

When selecting the Revenue Field from the dropdown, we will display any standard and custom opportunity fields that have a numerical value. These values will differ from the ones shown in the screenshot below because they are customized by your Sales Ops team. Speak to your CRM Administrator or Sales Ops team to find out the field used to capture the total amount value of your deals.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 10.04.41 AM.png


Contact & Lead Mapping

Contact and Lead field mapping is a critical step to configure how RollWorks creates contacts and leads in your Salesforce Org, ensuring that data flows smoothly and accurately. Currently, field mapping customization is available for Salesforce Contacts and Salesforce Leads to support the creation of these records when you launch a Contact Discovery Workflow.

To learn more on Salesforce Field Mapping for Contact Lead record Creation go to this article.


Account Field Mapping

Currently, field mapping for Salesforce Account fields is fixed and cannot be customized. It has a view option that allows you to preview the default Account object Field Mapping.

To learn more on Salesforce Field Mapping for Account Record Creation go to this article.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 11.35.25 PM.png

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