Salesforce Field Mapping for Account Record Creation

RollWorks can create new Account records in your Salesforce Org through the following features:

      • The RollWorks Command Center: this feature provides you with a unified view of our data signals (firmographic fit, intent, journey state) surfacing insights that highlight where there is uncaptured demand. The feature will flag which of those accounts do not yet exist in your CRM and so that you can create new Account records in Salesforce.
      • Contact Discovery Workflows [Closed Beta]: this feature uncovers new contacts within accounts that exhibit buying signals and creates new contacts or lead records into your Salesforce Org with minimal clicks. As part of the settings of this contact creation workflow you can decide if new account records should also be created when an account does not already exist in your CRM.


Default Salesforce Account Field Mapping

Any Account records created by RollWorks in your Salesforce org will be enriched with firmographic data using the field mapping below:

RollWorks Account Field Salesforce Account Field Notes
Domain Website Mapping not customizable
RollWorks Sourced RollWorks Sourced Mapping not customizable. This field identifies contacts sourced from RollWorks. This field is set to True if sourced from RollWorks, False otherwise.
Company Name Account Name Mapping not customizable
Industry Industry Mapping not customizable
Size Employees (manual entry) Mapping not customizable
Revenue Annual Revenue Mapping not customizable
Country Country Mapping not customizable
Name Account Name Mapping not customizable


RollWorks Sourced Field

The Salesforce account field called RollWorks Sourced allows you to identify which Accounts have been created by RollWorks through the Command Center or through a Contact Discovery Workflow. This field can help with attribution or to create reports in your CRM.

When you complete the initial installation of the RollWorks App for Salesforce, we automatically create the custom field RollWorks Sourced in your standard account object. If RollWorks creates any new Account records in your Salesforce Org we will also update the value of this custom field to True.

Your CRM admin can use the RollWorks Sourced field to create logic to assign the newly created records to your Sales team or to build reports in Salesforce.


Default Account Owner in Salesforce

The Account Owner for the newly created Standard Account record will be the unassigned alias you defined in your Salesforce instance. Click here to learn how to find your unassigned alias in Salesforce. 


Customize Salesforce Account Object Field Mapping

Currently, field mapping for Salesforce Account fields is fixed and cannot be customized.

You can review the default Account object Field Mapping settings by clicking here or navigating to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce and scrolling down to Field Mapping.


Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.17.32 PM.png

The following default mapping will be displayed. These mapping is not customizable.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 5.53.48 PM.png

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