Getting Started with RollWorks for customers without a subscription


This article is only for customers that do not have a subscription package with RollWorks and have access to the free version of RollWorks that does not include Account-based Marketing features.


This guide will show you how to configure the RollWorks platform on your own. Follow the steps below in order to complete the initial setup and launch your first campaign.


If you are HQ'd in the EU, UK or Brazil you must have a cookie banner gathering consent on your site prior to our pixel firing.

If you are not HQ'd in the EU, UK or Brazil but would like to track visitors from those locations you must gather their consent before our pixel fires.

We offer you 3 different cookie consent banner options. You can use your own third-party cookie consent banner or you can choose NextRoll's banner which is the easiest and fastest way to deploy RollWorks. You can come back and change your banner choice at any time if needed.


Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Choose a Cookie Consent banner option in RollWorks.

You can proceed to install the Pixel to track your website traffic after selecting your banner choice. Read this guide and make your selection in RollWorks.


2. Track your website traffic with the Pixel

Installing the Pixel allows RollWorks to understand your website visitor traffic so that you can define your high-value website audiences, define your conversion audiences, look at website analytics, and surface data and insights on your target accounts.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Install the Pixel on your website. We strongly recommend placing it using Google Tag Manager.


☑️ Confirm the pixel loads on all your website pages

- RollWorks can start tracking your website traffic page views and how your visitors engage with your website.

- You can start tracking conversion audiences.

- You can push traffic to Google Analytics.

Send this guide to your website administrator to activate the Pixel in Google Tag Manager.

Use Pixel Assistant to confirm it's installed correctly and firing on all pages.


3. Track your Conversion Audiences

Track visitors that come to the website that view high-value pages and complete a form fill. This helps provide data and insight on how effective your advertising and account-based programs are performing against your business goals and provides insight into customer activity on your website.

Your task Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Fill out the conversion tracking sheet with your form fills so our technical team can assess the type of forms on your website to determine the implementation needed.

☑️ Depending on the type of forms used, implement an event pixel on your website to track form-fill submissions. Our Solutions Engineer will provide implementation instructions

- Understand your website traffic broken down into different segments.

- Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking form-fill conversions.

- Exclude converted visitors from specific campaigns.

Read this guide to learn how to create Conversion Audiences and high-value page Website Audiences.




4. Connect your Marketing Automation Platform to RollWorks (Optional)

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Complete the integration of Marketo.


☑️ Complete the integration of HubSpot

- Bring over your MAP contacts to RollWorks.

Follow the steps in the guides below to connect your MAP to RollWorks:

Marketo Integration: Initial configuration guide

HubSpot Integration: Initial configuration guide


5. Configure General Exclusions

We strongly recommend that you tell us who are your existing competitors, customers, and coworkers so that you can decide when to exclude them from specific Account Lists and advertising Playbooks/Campaigns.

Your task Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Add your competitor, customers, and coworkers lists as exclusions.

Exclude them from your account lists, advertising campaigns, and playbooks so that you don’t waste any budget on them.
Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to set the exclusions.


6. Privacy and security checklist

As you prepare to launch your first advertising campaign with RollWorks, you want to make sure that all privacy and data security compliance is in order. It is essential that you are following the website and Privacy Notice requirements, GDPR requirements & CPRA for California.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Your website meets our advertising guidelines.

☑️ Your website has a Privacy Notice.

Your website can be used as a landing page for your ads. Below we have guides and key information you can use to ensure you are compliant and to to ensure your website meets the requirements and avoids being rejected during our review process.


7. Setup your payment method

To launch campaigns you need to set up your payment method. You will be charged on a weekly basis for the amount of your weekly spend. We offer two payment methods you can use.

Read the following guides to learn about the payment methods we offer.


8. Add & Manage user permissions

You can add multiple users to your account and grant them admin or general user access.

Read this guide to learn how to manage the users of your account.


9. Launch your first advertising campaign

There are four types of campaigns that are available on your plan.

Without a RollWorks package, you will not have access to Account Targeting Playbooks, Intent Playbooks, Web Retargeting Playbooks, LinkedIn Campaigns, or any account-based advertising features.


10. Create and upload your ad creatives.

We support various types of creatives you can use for your campaigns.

Read this guide to learn more about all the ad types we offer and how to upload them to your Ad Library.


11. Measure campaign performance

You can use the Campaign Summary Page and our Scheduled Reports to measure the performance of your campaigns.

You can also use UTM parameters in your ads so that you can see these parameters in your Google Analytics instance. 

Without a RollWorks package, you will not have access to any additional account data insights, journey stages, or any enhanced reporting other than the campaign summary page and limited scheduled reports.

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