CRMs supported

The following CRMs are supported by RollWorks Sales Insights:

CRM How to configure Sales Insights



Configure Sales Insights Seats with Salesforce to send email alerts to your Sales team.


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Configure Sales Insights Seats with HubSpot to send email alerts to your Sales team.


Account Spike data available

New Account Spike data is generated and pushed to your CRM daily so that your sales team always has a fresh view into their top engaged accounts to prioritize their outreach. 

Sales Insights will generate the following data points as an output of the Account Spike data science model, which will be pushed to your CRM Account/Company records on a daily basis. Spike data will not be pushed to your CRM Contact or Lead records.

Sales Insights data 


Available in Salesforce

Available in HubSpot

Spike Level

✍️  Spike Level is the primary data point that should be utilized by your Sales team to prioritize accounts spiking in engagement.

We use machine learning to establish Account Spike thresholds as Low, Medium, or High. These Spike Levels are dynamic and responsive to the volume of organic site traffic for your site to ensure that when accounts are flagged as 🔥🔥🔥 High, 🔥🔥 Medium, or🔥 Low for spike activity, it is compared to your own organic website engagement.

Spike Raw Score

Output of the data science model looking at various inputs of account engagement. 

This score is a number between 0-100 that is used to calculate Spike Level and is only visible to CRM Admins.

As a Sales Insights user, you will most likely not use this data.

Spike Score Reason 

This field refers to the engagement actions that occurred leading to the account spiking. 

For example # of ad clicks, # of unique visitors, # of lead events.

Last Spike Timestamp

Shows the last time an account spiked in engagement.

This is the time the last Spike in engagement was detected for the Account.


Last Modified date

Shows the last time Spike engagement data was pushed to your CRM. 

Last Spike has Matched Contacts 

This is a true/false boolean field that indicates if we were able to match the engagement Spike for this Account to any of your existing CRM contacts at the moment the Spike happened.

Learn more about how we match your CRM contacts to the visitors driving the Account Spike.


Visualize Spike Data in your CRM

You can visualize Account Spike data directly in your CRM records: 


Create Account Spike reports in your CRM

You can use Account Spike data to build reports directly in your CRM:

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