RollWorks Account List Builder: Getting Started and How To Build


You can create and manage your Target Account Lists under Target Accounts in the Identification Solution.


How to Start Building Target Account Lists

The data sources available to build the Account List and Account Group depend on which systems you have integrated into RollWorks. Customers can use the following fields as elements of their Target Account List:

If you don't know how to get started, follow these templates in the Account List builder to construct your logic.  Most customers structure their Account Lists based on either Region, Product Line, Sales Team, or Vertical.  

Example logic for Region:


Example logic for Product Line:


Example logic for Sales Team:


Example logic for Vertical:


Account Groups

After constructing the Account List logic, you will be prompted to create Account Groups, which are subsets of the Account List. Account Groups are optional but are a good way to organize your Account List for activation and reporting insights. There are two ways to create Account Groups:

  1. Suggested Groups: Suggested Groups are recommended based on the attributes, fields, properties, etc. used to build the Account List, or include RollWorks' tried and true best practice for segmenting Account Lists (e.g., Journey Stages).
  2. Start from Scratch: This offers a fresh approach to construct the Account Groups.


Account Groups will automatically route accounts on the Account List to their respective Account Group should the account meet the logic defined.



Best Practices

  • Ensure your Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo are integrated. This will allow you to use data that exists in these systems to build Account Lists and Account Groups in RollWorks.
  • Configure your Intent Topics before building the Account List and Account Groups. Intent is a powerful signal for accounts early in the buying journey.
  • Utilize the RollWorks “push” feature to send the Account List and Account Group names to Salesforce or HubSpot. This will help align with your Sales team, and unlocks cross-channel orchestration opportunities.
  • Account Lists should align with your go-to-market strategy.
  • Account Groups should help you prioritize the accounts on your Account List using attributes like Journey Stage, Intent data, and/or Fit Grade.
  • Use RollWorks company attributes and intent data to find accounts that may not be in your CRM.

Walkthrough Video

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