Restricted Content & Practices: COVID-19

We have updated our advertising policy guidelines for websites, ads, and landing pages that contain implicit or explicit reference to COVID-19 to ensure that they adhere to our ad exchange partner ad networks' advertising requirements as well as act in accordance with public health guidance and/or risks.


Medical Supplies

At this time we prohibit websites, ads, or landing pages from promoting the individual sale of:

❌  Medical-grade Coronavirus-related masks (e.g., masks used by medical professionals to protect against coronavirus and NOT cloth masks).

❌  Coronavirus-related medical supplies (e.g. oxygen masks/machines).

❌  Coronavirus-related testing kits.


Ads intended to create panic

We also prohibit websites, ads, or landing pages intended to create a panic or sense of urgency regarding the Coronavirus. Examples include:

❌  Promoting the “limited supply” of a product.

❌  Promoting the fear of getting the Coronavirus.

❌  Using wordings like "high death-rate" or "scary, deadly virus".


Additional Factors 

In accordance with our existing Prohibited Content and Practices, we will also take into consideration the following factors when reviewing websites, ads, and landing pages with mention of coronavirus:

❌  There should be no fake news promotions.

❌  If ads reference coronavirus, the landing page should also include relevant messaging.

❌  There should be no unverifiable claims.

❌ There should be no suggestion that the advertiser/company or their products guarantee a cure or prevent people from contracting coronavirus.

There should be no claim that celebrities or other people have or have not tested positive for coronavirus or have or have not contracted and/or survived coronavirus.

❌  The website must have all required landing page elements.

❌  The website must add value to the user.

❌  The website and the ad must follow all our policies.

❌  There should be no shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence.


Permitted Content Examples

Below are examples of content that may be eligible to run alongside mention of coronavirus:

✅ Cloth masks for individual use.

✅  Delivery services.

  • “The safe way to get your order during shelter in place orders”.
  • “Get your product delivered to your home”.
  • “No-contact services”.

✅  Headlines or content written in a neutral or positive manner.

  • "Best shows to watch while sheltering".
  • "Important information for employees during lockdown".

✅  Best practices during coronavirus.

  • “How to stay hygenic”.
  • “Best way to wash your hands”.
  • “Tips on being effective while working from home”.

✅  Using the fact that people are staying home as a narrative.

✅  Online courses/services.

  • “Learn a language from home”.
  •  “Educational courses for kids”.

✅  Financial products or services (that comply with our existing guidelines) are allowed to focus on the economic crisis due to coronavirus if no fool-proof promises are made and the ad is not otherwise trying to elicit panic.


Creative Requests

❌  Creative services are not eligible for content promoting prohibited coronavirus-related items/services mentioned above.

✅  Creative services are eligible for permitted content that complies with our guidelines above.

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