Prohibited Content and Practices: Inappropriate Content

Ads must not display, facilitate, or promote inappropriate content. We take our advertising policies very seriously and aim to ensure that ads which run via our platform are appropriate, respectful to others, non-offensive, and safe for our customers and those that are served our ads. Ads which promote shocking, violent, or discriminatory content are not eligible to run. 

Examples are outlined below of prohibited content and practices in relation to inappropriate content. 

Animal Cruelty 

Ads should not contain any upsetting or shocking content against animals or promoting cruelty towards any animal. This includes: 

Ex.png Advocating towards animal cruelty for entertainment value, e.g., dog fighting 

Ex.png Any event which promotes cruelty towards animals

Ex.png Selling or promoting products obtained from threatened species, e.g., elephant ivory

Ex.png Blogs or forums offering information on how to obtain products from threatened species 


Discriminatory Practices

NextRoll will not approve any ads that support or encourage discrimination of any kind. Any treatment of a person, group, or concept as insignificant or peripheral or ads that promote marginalization are not eligible to run. Discrimination against an individual or group based on the below is strictly prohibited: 

Ex.png Racial or ethnic origin

Ex.png Age

Ex.png Nationality 

Ex.png Religion

Ex.png Disability

Ex.png Veteran status

Ex.png Political status

Ex.png Gender

Ex.png Gender identity 

Ex.png Sexual orientation 


Further examples of discriminatory content include: 

Ex.png Hate groups

Ex.png Hate group paraphernalia

Ex.png Content that intimidates another individual or group of individuals  

Ex.png Content that threatens harm or exploitation to others 

Ex.png Content that supports harming oneself or exploitation others

Ex.png Content promoting any type of self-harm, such as: suicide or anorexia

Ex.png Content that promotes violence against another individual or group of individuals

Ex.png Content that promotes blackmail


Sensitive Events

Ads should not contain shocking content in relation to sensitive events that may have occurred. The below types of content is prohibited: 

Ex.png Lacking remorse or sensitivity towards a shocking or tragic event

Ex.png  Lacking remorse or sensitivity towards a natural disaster

Ex.png Lacking remorse or sensitivity towards a death

Ex.png Trying to profit or gain from a shocking event with no distinguishable advantage to the victims


Shocking Content

Ads should not contain shocking, excessively violent, or sensational content. Any ads with imagery that may shock or scare an individual is prohibited. This includes ads and themes related to: 

Ex.png Gory Content , e.g., a car crash

Ex.png Sensational Content

Ex.png Violence, e.g., an ad with a gun pointed at the user

Ex.png Threats of Violence

Ex.png Violent or offensive language

Ex.png Variations and misspellings of offensive language

Ex.png Physical Trauma

Ex.png Crime Scene or Accident Photos

Ex.png Imagery of needles or injections 

Ex.png Excessive use of blood

Ex.png Human or Animal Waste

Ex.png Content that suggests an individual may be at risk of harm or in danger

Ex.png Content that suggests an individual may be infected with a disease

Ex.png Content that suggests an individual may be the victim of a conspiracy

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