RollWorks Email Policies

At NextRoll we take our policies and the safety of internet users seriously. This is why all email content sent with our platform must be appropriate and safe for your customers and prospects. Content not permitted in RollWorks ads is also not permitted in emails sent using RollWorks Sales Automation.

All RollWorks Sales Automation customers are responsible for ensuring their email content abides by the NextRoll Advertising Policies.  If you violate these policies we may suspend or terminate your account according to our Terms of Service.

Examples of prohibited and restricted email content are outlined below. Please ensure to check the NextRoll Advertising Policies for a comprehensive list.

In addition to these policies, Customers shall not engage in behavior, content, or other factors that pose a threat to our Services. If we identify abuse, we may suspend or modify the Services provided to you according to our Terms of Service.  

Prohibited Email Content 

Restricted Email Content 

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