Restricted Content and Practices: Gambling

Websites in which the majority of products display gambling-related content, or in which the core product or service offering is of a gambling nature, are not eligible to run campaigns with NextRoll. Further details are outlined below. 

Offline Gambling 

Ex.png Brick-and-mortar casinos (gambling establishments)

Ex.png Physical establishments promoting gambling 

Ex.png Poker tournaments


Online Gambling 

Ex.png Online, real money gambling or gaming

Ex.png Free or paid casino games

Ex.png Games of chance or skill that involve monetary wagers or rewards

Ex.png Gambling-related promotional products, e.g., vouchers or gambling credit

Ex.png Gambling software or programs

Ex.png Gambling-related strategy, advice, or information

Ex.png Government-sponsored lotteries

Ex.png Any internet-based game in which real money or prizes are exchanged or wagered depending on the result of a game are prohibited from running campaigns via AdRoll

Ex.png Paid gaming sites 

Ex.png Paid fantasy sports

Ex.png Sports betting

Ex.png Unlicensed or illegal gaming

Ex.png Scratch card purchases

Ex.png Gambling or games with virtual currencies 

Ex.png Aggregator or affiliate gambling related websites 

Ex.png Penny auctions or related websites which require a non-refundable fee in order to place a bid on any item or service


Gambling Related Content

Ex.png Advertising irresponsible gambling behavior 

Ex.png Promoting gambling activity to minors 

Ex.png Financial spread betting

Ex.png Competitions/Sweepstakes

Ex.png Offline gambling accessories

Ex.png Social Casinos

Ex.png Online simulated social casino games whereby the user can win monetary prizes or rewards

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