Account Lists Introduction Guide

What are Account Lists?

Creating Account Lists is the foundation of your ABM program. With account-based marketing, you are focusing your marketing and sales efforts on your best fit accounts. So at a high level, your target account list is made up of accounts that you want to turn into customers. 

An Account List includes accounts that look the most like your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and have the highest revenue potential. Your ICP is the profile of companies who are the most likely to buy your product, renew, or be solid referrals. Your Marketing team and your Sales team will use your ICP as a guide to building your Account Lists.

To get started with Account Lists:

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 4.58.04 PM.png

What are Account Groups?

After you create your account, the next step is to segment it by scoring and prioritizing based on fit and revenue potential. This is also sometimes called Tiering. An example of how you could Tier your Target Account List could be as follows:

Tier 1 Accounts
  • Perfect matches for your ICP
  • They look like your highest-value customers
  • And they are Strategic Logos
Tier 2 Accounts
  • Are a very good ICP fit
  • But may be a lower lifetime value
Tier 3 Accounts
  • Will fit most ICP criteria.
  • But are not worth pouring extra effort into as they are less likely to convert.

In the RollWorks platform, you can either create multiple Account Lists or use Account Groups to segment your Account Lists. Creating Account Groups is optional but highly recommended. Account Groups allow you to segment and organize your Account Lists to align advertising messaging and view reporting more granularly. 

To get started with Account Groups:


Who is eligible to create Account Lists and Groups?

Customers with a RollWorks package can use the RollWorks Account List builder to create Account Lists and Groups.

The number of Account Lists that you can create depends on your subscription package. To find how many Account Lists are available under your package navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Best Practices to create Account Lists and Account Groups

The logic that you will use to create Account Lists and Account Groups depends on your organization marketing and sales strategy:

Account List logic is commonly driven by organization structure or based on budget centers within a company, such as:

  • Region (APAC, EMEA, NAMER)
  • Sales Team (SMB, Enterprise)
  • Product Line
  • Vertical


Account Group logic is based on how a customer prioritizes their go to market strategy against that account list, such as:

  • Account Stage
  • Opportunity Stage
  • Intent Signals
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