RollWorks and Crossbeam: Overview

What is the Crossbeam Integration?

Crossbeam enables companies and their technology partners to find overlapping customers and prospects. Integrate partner data from Crossbeam with RollWorks to power ABM strategy for improved account targeting, prioritization, and advertising.

Who is eligible to access?

In order to take advantage of the RollWorks and Crossbeam integration, you must: 

  • Be on a currently active RollWorks Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate package.
    • Please reach out to our Sales team if you are not currently on a RollWorks package but would be interested in learning more.
    • Note that your Crossbeam Partner Target Account List synced to RollWorks will count against your package Target Account List limits.
  • Have a Crossbeam paid account.

Features and Benefits


  • Target Account List syncs from Crossbeam into RollWorks: Partner data based Target Account lists can be pushed into RollWorks.
  • Dynamic Account list updates: Every time a new account is added or deleted from the Crossbeam report, the corresponding Target Account List in RollWorks will be updated.
  • Account list activation in RollWorks: Partner data based Target Account List can be used and activated like any other Target Account List in RollWorks. For example, they can be scored, used to serve  ads, and prioritized with intent data


  • Automate partner-based Target Account Lists: Save time by dynamically adding and removing accounts based on partner technology use.
  • Unify Account Data to create a list of high-fit accounts: Use account data from Crossbeam, CRM, MAP, and more in a single location.
  • Deploy Cross-Channel Strategies: Use Crossbeam sourced Target Account Lists to deploy cross-channel strategies - e.g. ads, gifting, sales outreach-  based on partner technology use, fit, intent, and engagement.
  • Align Marketing and Sales: Push Crossbeam sourced Target Account List names into your CRM to align with Sales on priority of accounts.

Learn more about how to setup and utilize the Crossbeam and RollWorks integration here.

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