Crossbeam Partnership Guide

What is the Crossbeam Partnership?

Crossbeam enables companies and their technology partners to find overlapping customers and prospects. As companies integrate more partners in Crossbeam, they build a rich overview of the various technologies used by their customers and prospects. By integrating technology data from Crossbeam with RollWorks, you can power your ABM strategy for improved account targeting, prioritization, and advertising.

The Crossbeam partnership provides you with the following features and benefits: 

  • Build technology-based Account Lists: identify priority accounts based on their use of specific technologies for highly targeted advertising efforts.
  • Unify Account Data to create a list of high-fit accounts: Use account data from Crossbeam, CRM, MAP, and more in a single location.
  • Deploy Cross-Channel Strategies: Use Crossbeam sourced Account Lists to deploy cross-channel strategies - for example, digital advertising, gifting, and sales outreach -  based on partner technology use, fit, intent, and engagement.
  • Align Marketing and Sales: Push Crossbeam sourced Account List names into your CRM to align with Sales on the priority of accounts.


Who can access

The Crossbeam Partnership requires a paid Crossbeam subscription and an eligible RollWorks subscription package:

Your Package Crossbeam<>RollWorks Integration
Standard Advertising Not Included
Advanced Advertising Not Included
ABM Included
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Included
Standard (Legacy) Included
Professional (Legacy) Included
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Not Included

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Configure the Crossbeam<>RollWorks Integration

  • Create a Crossbeam List
      • Mapping section

      • Create Report →

          • Select Single Partner or Partner Tag

          • Select the cohort(s) to be included in the report

          • Configure Columns → include your Salesforce or HubSpot field that denotes the company website

      • Export the report

      • Remove all columns except the Website column
      • Upload to RollWorks as an Account List

To learn more about uploading a CSV file to your Account List jump to this article.


Importing Crossbeam reports to RollWorks

We recommend that you import the following Crossbeam reports to RollWorks

  • Your prospects that are current customers of your partners. Segment prospect report to include all prospects that are customers of all partners, or specific partners.  This enables you to run targeted advertising towards prospects you know are using specific technologies, and create specific messaging to speak to how your company complements their tech stack. 
  • Your customers that are current customers of your partners. Segment this report to include all of your customers that are also customers of all partners, or specific partners. This enables you to drive adoption of partner integrations, which has a correlation with renewals.


Best Practices

Companies that use RollWorks in combination with partner technology both close and renew at a higher rate than companies that do not use partner technology. Below are recommended use cases to use Crossbeam data in the RollWorks platform:

  1. Create high-value lists using shared accounts with open opportunities, customers, and prospects between your company and your company's technology partners.
    • Augment company lists that are using partner technology with RollWork's machine learning Account Scoring.
    • Prioritize the companies that are using your partner's technology using Bombora Company Surge intent data and RollWorks Keyword Intent.
    • Share shared customer lists, prospects lists, and open opportunities lists with your company's technology partners.
  2. Engage high-value account lists with digital ads to drive awareness and adoption of partnership, as well as co-sell / market overlapping  opportunities and prospects
  3. Use Data-Driven Insights to measure ABM impact and assess how companies using your partner's technology are progressing through the marketing and sales funnel using Journey Stages.
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