Introduction to Playbooks

What are Playbooks

Playbooks are a pre-packaged sequence of campaigns to deliver ads to your target audiences based on your goals that can be customized to your needs. Playbooks offer you an easy interface to set up and maintain your B2B advertising programs based on the best practices our RollWorks' Customer Success team has developed over the years.

Playbooks offer in-product budget management, budget recommendations, automatic account, and conversion exclusions, audience estimates that include country, and account-based reporting metrics.

The key benefits of RollWorks’ Playbooks are:

  • Access to B2B campaign best practices in one easy-to-follow setup: We have developed different types of Playbooks that offer different templates and configurations aligning with our best B2B advertising best practices.
  • Ensure correct setup: Playbooks ensure that your audiences and corresponding exclusions are set up perfectly to include the right people in the right campaign.
  • Simplify budget allocation: Define a budget for your Playbook and our systems will optimize the spend across campaigns and advertising inventories when applicable towards your goals.
  • Clear reporting: Manage and optimize your Playbooks towards your strategic goals with easy-to-use reporting.

Playbooks go through our Ad Campaign Review Process to ensure that they meet our Advertising Policies and Guidelines. Turnaround times for campaign review can fluctuate, but it should never take more than one business day.


Bidding technology

RollWorks Playbooks rely on BidIQ®, which is our proprietary AI technology powering RollWorks bidding. This technology helps you to find the right visitor, at the right time, in the right place, at the optimal price across web, social, native, and mobile devices. Our proprietary BidIQ® technology is enabled by default in your RollWorks account and incorporates learnings into future campaigns. Learn more about BidIQ® here


Playbook Types

Playbook Type Description
Account Targeting Playbook

Launch an easy pre-packaged set of ad campaigns way to serve web ads to the Buyer Personas within an Account List and Account Group.

Learn more about how to build buyer personas in Playbooks by visiting this Personas Guide.

Bombora Intent Targeting Playbook

Launch an easy pre-packaged set of ad campaigns to serve Web Ads to the Buyer Personas within accounts surging with Bombora Company Surge intent on your selected Intent Topics.

Learn more about how to build buyer personas in Playbooks by visiting this Personas Guide.

Website Retargeting Playbook

Launch an easy pre-packaged set of ad campaigns to serve Web Ads to re-engage your website, visitors, with the goal of ultimately generate form-fill submission Conversions on your website.

You can choose from 3 different website retargeting strategies based on your website traffic volume:

  • Standard Strategy includes 1 campaign
  • Intermediate Strategy includes 2 campaigns
  • Advanced Strategy includes 3 campaigns


Who can access

Playbooks are available to customers on any of our paid subscription packages: Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate. The specific number of Playbooks available to you depends on the type of package you have:

My RollWorks Package

Account Targeting Playbook

Website Retargeting Playbook

Bombora Intent Targeting Playbook


❌  None

❌  None

Launch a basic Website Retargeting Campaign.

❌  None


✅  Up to 3

✅  Unlimited 

❌  None

Launch an Account Targeting playbook with an intent-based Account List instead.




✅  Unlimited ✅  Unlimited ✅  Unlimited


To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.



Are Conversion audiences automatically excluded from Playbooks?

Yes. The audiences that reach a conversion as defined by your Conversion Audiences will be automatically excluded from your Playbooks.


Can I run different types of Playbooks simultaneously?

Yes, you can run different types of Playbooks simultaneously. If you run different types of Playbooks RollWorks will: 

  • Automatically exclude Accounts in your 'Bombora Intent Targeting Playbook' from the 'Account Targeting Playbook' to avoid overlap. 
  • Automatically exclude any accounts in your 'Bombora Intent Targeting Playbook' and 'Account Targeting Playbook' from your 'Website Retargeting Playbooks' to avoid overlap.


What types of creatives are supported in Playbooks?

Playbooks support all Web Image Ads, Web Video Ads, Web HTML5 Ads, and Native Ads.


Can you target multiple Account Lists within a single Playbook?

No, you can only target one Account List and one Account Group within a single Account Targeting or Bombora Intent Targeting Playbook. Please note that the maximum number of accounts that you can include in a single Account Group is 10,000.


Can I make changes to a Playbook once it is live?

Yes, the following actions are available after launch. We recommend that you swap out the ads in a Playbook every quarter.


Why is my estimated audience size changing over time?

The estimated audience size targeted in a Playbook may change over time even if the playbook audience settings remain unchanged. This happens because cookies change clusters on a weekly basis. Newer data surfaces on those cookies and we increasingly identify the right cluster for them. This also leads to domain changes for some % of cookies and affects the audience estimation.

As we understand more about these users we try to keep this information as accurate as possible. People could leave companies or join them. Data providers can also improve their methodology or add new IP ranges for companies. We strive to keep this information updated to be as fresh as possible from all of the different data source providers that we work with.


Where does the Form Fills column data come from and what does the metric measure?

While determining the submission goal during Playbook setup, you can select which forms available on your website will be tracked toward that goal. The numbers appearing in the Form Fills column within the Playbook overview page are the number of form submissions tracked by the audiences specified during the setup. They are attributed to the ad activity of the specific Playbook.

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