Crossbeam Integration Guide

What is the Crossbeam Integration?

Crossbeam enables companies and their technology partners to find overlapping customers and prospects. By integrating partner data from Crossbeam with RollWorks, power your ABM strategy for improved account targeting, prioritization, and advertising.

The Crossbeam integration provides you with the following features and benefits: 

  • Automate partner-based Target Account Lists: Save time by dynamically adding and removing accounts based on partner technology use.
  • Unify Account Data to create a list of high-fit accounts: Use account data from Crossbeam, CRM, MAP, and more in a single location.
  • Deploy Cross-Channel Strategies: Use Crossbeam sourced Target Account Lists to deploy cross-channel strategies - for example, digital advertising, gifting, and sales outreach -  based on partner technology use, fit, intent, and engagement.
  • Align Marketing and Sales: Push Crossbeam sourced Target Account List names into your CRM to align with Sales on the priority of accounts.


Who is eligible to access the Crossbeam Integration?

The Crossbeam integration requires:

  • A paid subscription with Crossbeam.
  • A paid subscription with Rollworks including Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate packages. 

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


How do I set up the Crossbeam Integration?

  • Log into your Crossbeam account and navigate to 'Integrations' on the top-right menuScreen Shot 2021-11-09 at 5.37.32 PM.png
  • Select 'Integrate RollWorks & Crossbeam' and enter your 'RollWorks Advertisable ID
      • You can find your RollWorks Advertisable ID in your browser URL bar after 'advertisable=' when logged into your RollWorks accountfind EID.png
  • Next, select your 'Report Configuration' from the dropdown menu
  • Any report you have created in Crossbeam is available to be synced to RollWorks.  The report must contain a website or domain in one of the columns in order to sync the accounts in the report to RollWorks. Learn how to create a Crossbeam report here.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ to complete the integration Crossbeam eid.png


What Crossbeam report types should I sync with RollWorks?

Your prospects that are current customers of your partners. Segment prospect report to include all prospects that are customers of all partners, or specific partners. 

Your customers that are current customers of your partners. Segment this report to include all of your customers that are also customers of all partners, or specific partners. 


When will my Crossbeam report be available in RollWorks?

The data sync with RollWorks can take up to an hour to complete and sync every 24 hours.


Crossbeam integration best practices

Companies that use the RollWorks in combination with partner technology both close and renew at a higher rate than companies that do not use partner technology. Below are recommended use cases to use Crossbeam data in the RollWorks platform:

  1. Create high-value lists using shared accounts with open opportunities, customers, and prospects between your company and your company's technology partners.
  • Engage high-value account lists with digital ads to drive awareness and adoption of partnership, as well as co-sell / market overlapping  opportunities and prospects
  • Use Data-Driven Insights to measure ABM impact and assess how companies using your partner's technology are progressing through the marketing and sales funnel using Journey Stages.


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