How to Create and Edit LinkedIn Campaigns

Create a LinkedIn Campaign

  1. Sign in to RollWorks
  2. In your Engage tab, select Ad Campaigns > Create Campaign LinkedIn


  1. Input a name and budget type (monthly, daily, or one time) budget allocation for your campaign. Note that you cannot switch between monthly and daily budgets after launching your campaign.


  1. Select the Account Group you want to target with LinkedIn ads from one of your uploaded or connected Target Account Lists. See here for a deep dive on how to create Target Account Lists and Account Groups. A few things to note on how LinkedIn audiences work with your Target Account List:
    • Your uploaded list is matched against the 8M+ LinkedIn profiles on LinkedIn to generate a targeting segment, so it may take up to 24 hours to generate your audience.
    • The suggested account list size is at least 1,000 companies. You can target fewer companies, but may experience lower reach.
    • As long as your uploaded list reaches a minimum of 300 matched members, your campaign will be able to serve regardless of how many companies are in your list. Any fewer than that and the campaign will not serve.


  1. Choose which Attributes to target. Besides Country, you can either choose Titles OR Functional Area and Seniority. Please keep in mind that this is not all attributes that are available within LinkedIn itself.
  • As you’re setting up your target attribute options, there are a few things to keep in mind:
    • Titles require exact matches (for example Vice President Finance would be considered a distinct title from Assistant Vice President, Finance or Senior VP, Finance). If you are using Titles to target, it is recommended if that you use many variations of a Title associated with desired keywords to have the best reach possible.
    • Targeting with Functional Area and Seniority allows you to select from a shorter list of broader functional areas (like Marketing and Finance) to allow broader targeting than Titles.
    • For every selection you make within an attribute, the audience size will increase. For example, if you select multiple job titles, like Business Development, Marketing, and Sales, your audience size will increase as your target audience only needs to match one of these selections. Having more selections within an attribute will help to broaden your audience.



  1. Choose which ads you want to run in the campaign. If you have already created ads via the Ad library select Choose and select the appropriate ads. You can also create ads here via the Upload option. Note that you can add a maximum of 15 individual ads for a given LinkedIn campaign. Note that LinkedIn sets frequency caps that mean each user only sees a particular ad once in 48 hours, and a maximum of four times overall. By creating multiple different Sponsored Content ads with variations on your core message and different headlines, you can make sure that you keep engaging your audience over a longer period. This will help to keep your brand front of mind, and provide subtly different reasons to engage. You don’t have to come up with a completely different creative execution for each version. Changing headlines, or varying images both work.


  1. Click Launch. If there are any missing elements, you will be prompted to input them.  

Edit an Existing LinkedIn Campaign

  1. Select your campaign name from your Ad Campaigns tab.
  2. Once on the campaign level view in your dashboard, select Edit.


  • You can now change your Target Accounts, Ads, Targeted Attributes, and Budget.
  • You CANNOT change from a daily to monthly budget via editing; you will have to create a new campaign if you want to make changes to the type of budget.
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