Personalized Ads Guide

What are Personalized Ads

Personalized ads are HTML5 ads customized to the user based on their specific company or contact attributes, for example, company name, or job title. These ads serve dynamic content relevant to the user by personalizing the message based on the cookie of the user that it is served to, in real-time as the ad impression is served.

Personalized Ads can be tailored to individuals using:

Type of data Example Playbooks/Campaigns supported
3rd party Account data from RollWorks Company Attributes

- Inject RollWorks firmographic account attributes like 'Company Name' directly in the copy of your ad.

{Company Name} uplevel your ABM with RollWorks.

- Dynamically changing the landing page based on firmographic data.

Account Targeting Playbooks
1st party Contact data from Salesforce or Marketo

- Inject 'Job Title' from your own CRM/MAP. 

{Job Title}'s like you love RollWorks.

- Dynamically changing the copy of the ad based on job title.

* Using Salesforce contact fields will require the Salesforce Integration with RollWorks.

* Marketo lead fields will require the Marketo Integration with RollWorks.

Contact Targeting Campaigns



How do Personalized Ads work

Personalized Ads use programmatic expressions to personalize your ad creative by adding the specific company name or industry that is based on the person's company who is viewing the ad.

RollWorks matches an anonymous person browsing the web to a company based on:

  • User-submitted information through a form fill.
  • Proprietary IP data based on user-submitted information.
  • Reverse IP lookup via Kickfire.
  • Data partnerships via companies like Bombora and Orb.


Who can access

RollWorks offers you a limited number of Personalized Ads per quarter based on your subscription package.

Your RollWorks package Personalized Ads
Standard Advertising 3 sets every quarter*
Advanced Advertising 3 sets every quarter*
ABM Not available
ABM with Advanced Advertising 3 sets every quarter*
Free Tier Not Available
Starter (Legacy)
Standard (Legacy)
Professional (Legacy) 1 sets every quarter*
Ultimate (Legacy) 3 sets every quarter*

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Personalized Ad Set Assembly

The assembly of a set of personalized ads by the RollWorks creative team consists of:

  • 5 Ad sizes (300x250, 160x600, 728x90, 970x250, 300x600)
  • All ads have the same background image and copy (a new version or iteration of the background will count towards your quarterly allotment).


Submit a request

Currently, you will not be able to assemble or upload Personalized Ads on the platform on your own. This type of ad format can only be built by the RollWorks creative services team.

If you wish to launch advertising campaigns using Personalized Ads email your Account Manager including the following checklist:

☑️  Exact ad copy & CTA copy for each set requested:

      • Add a placeholder of the attribute that you want to personalize, for example [Company name], want to uplevel your ABM?.  
      • Copy should not exceed 90 characters.

☑️  Logo files:

      •  Vector format preferred .ai / .svg / .eps. (⭐  Recommended)
      • .jpg / .png are also accepted.

☑️  High-quality images and graphics:

      • Image size 1000x1000px to allow cropping for different ad sizes.
      • Avoid images with text and graphics included.
      • You can provide your own stock images, we do not source images.

☑️  Your desired fonts. Personalized ads use Google Fonts - they are the most reliable and there are hundreds to choose from. Provide a link to your preferred option or we will select a comparable font to what's used on your site.

☑️  General design direction:

      • Describe what you want the ads to look like.
      • If you aren’t sure:
          • Provide previous ad examples to base new ads on.
          • Or ask us to match the style of your website.
      • Provide your company brand guidelines (optional but recommended).

☑️  If you want to design your own ads you must provide editable layered source files (.psd / .ai / .figma). Keep in mind the following best practices if you will provide your own design:

      • Readability: Use language that is clear, concise, and easily digestible.
      • Scannability: Ad content should be arranged in a manner that visitors can easily scan for the most important and relevant points.
      • Visual Storytelling: Website visitors are turned off by walls of text, making the use of visuals, such as vector graphics or stock images, essential to engagement.


Review and approve your Personalized Ad set

The assembly of a set of personalized ads consists of:

  • 5 Ad sizes (300x250, 160x600, 728x90, 970x250, 300x600)
  • All ads have the same background image and copy (a new version or iteration of the background will count towards your quarterly allotment).

Once your personalized ads are built and published your Account Manager will send you a demo link so that you can approve or submit revisions.

You can test how the ads look populated with different company names from your Account List using the 'personalized attributes' preview feature.




How long does it take

The turnaround time required to produce one set of Personalized Ads for your review is 3-5 business days. Once your ad set is produced we will ask you to review and approve them before they can be used in your Playbooks or Campaigns.

You should account for additional time to launch Campaigns using Personalized Ads in the event that you need revisions applied to the set of Ads.



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