Intent Data Guide

What is Intent Data?

Intent Data captures what products and services web users’ are interested in based on their content consumption across the web. When web users are engaging with content and researching online, this represents their interest in the topic that those materials are about. Intent Data signals are dynamic and can be used to better understand your prospects, open opportunities or existing customers and move them through the conversion, retention, and expansion funnel.

How are Intent Data signals measured?

RollWorks has partnered with Bombora, the leading intent data provider, in order to deliver dynamic Intent Data to RollWorks customers. 

Intent Topics represent the categories used to classify the content that web users are researching across the webAn Intent topic is considered "surging” when there’s an increased consumption compared to the historical baseline. 

How it works:

  • Bombora looks at a 12-week baseline to understand the average consumption of an Intent Topic, then compares this to a 3-week lookback window to see if there’s an increased activity against this baseline.
  • An Intent Topic is given a score of 0-100, and if the topic gets a score of 60 or above, then it’s considered a surging Intent Topic. The RollWorks Platform labels these scores Intent Levels of “Medium”, “High”, or “Very High”.

Who is eligible to access Intent Data within the RollWorks platform?

Intent Data is available to customers on any of our paid subscription packages: Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate. To find out what subscription package you have, login to the RollWorks platform and visit the Plan & Usage page under Settings.


Types of Intent Data available within the RollWorks platform

RollWorks has 3 different types of Intent Data:

  1. IntentMap™: Our own proprietary database of user profiles that is built by reading signals from over 1.2 billion digital profiles daily. These IntentMap™ signals are used to inform our bidding algorithms.
  2. Intent for Audience: Uses Bombora Audience Solutions to provide user-level intent data over a period of time for segmenting ad audiences. 
    • The "Intent Topic" attribute in Ad Audiences measures user-level intent over a 30 day period. This signal can be used to target advertising towards unknown users who have shown intent for the topic(s) selected. 
    • You can select as many topics as you would like to build your Ad Audience.
  3. Account Intent: Uses Bombora Company Surge Data to sort Accounts showing Intent signals relative to a baseline. 
    • The RollWorks feature called “Account Intent” measures company-level intent over a 3-week period relative to a baseline to determine if a company is showing an increased interest in a topic. This signal can be used to uncover accounts early in the buying cycle, prioritize accounts, optimize budget allocation, and align marketing and sales.
    • The number of Intent Topics available to select varies based on package. To see how many Intent Topics you can choose, as well as to select your Intent Topics, visit the RollWorks Account Intent page.

A full list of the Intent Topics in the Bombora taxonomy available for Intent for Audience and Account Intent can be found here


Set up Account Intent Data in the RollWorks Platform

In order to use Account Intent data in RollWorks, you have to select the Intent Topics that you would like to monitor. Here are the steps on our to do so:

  1. Navigate to Identify > Target Accounts > Account Intent 
  2. Select ‘Edit Topics’
  3. Select your intent topics and Save

Account Intent data may take up to 24 hours to populate in the RollWorks Platform.

The number of Intent Topics available to select varies based on your package. To see how many Intent Topics you can choose, as well as to select your Intent Topics, visit the RollWorks Account Intent page. A full list of the Intent Topics in the Bombora taxonomy can be found here.

You can watch the short video below for a walkthrough on how to set up Account Intent Topics in the RollWorks platform.


How to Use Account Intent

Engage Accounts demonstrating intent 

You can discover which existing Accounts in your Target Account List are demonstrating Intent by using Intent Playbooks.

After you have set up your Account Itent Topics in the RollWorks Platform you can launch an Intent Playbook. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Intent Playbook Guide to complete the setup and launch.


Discover new Accounts demonstrating intent 

You can discover new accounts demonstrating Itent that are not in your Account List.

  1. Go to IDENTIFY on the left side navigation bar and Click Target Accounts -> Account Intent -> Discover New Accounts
  2. Adjust Intent criteria as needed: Intent Level, Intent Signal Recency, and Intent Topics
  3. Add relevant accounts to a Target Account List



Intent FAQ

What is the list of Intent Topics available?

An up-to-date list of the Intent Topics in the Bombora taxonomy can be found here.

What if the Intent topic that I want is not available? Can I request to have a topic added to the taxonomy?

Bombora continuously evaluates and makes improvements to the topic taxonomy every 1-2 months to reflect customer suggestions and industry trends. If you are interested in requesting a new topic, please reach out to If the topic is approved, Bombora will start creating it which will take 6-9 months.

How many Intent Topics are included with my subscription?

The number of Intent Topics that you can select varies based on your subscription package. To see how many Intent Topics you can choose, visit the RollWorks Account Intent page.

Is it possible for an individual user to show intent and at the same time for their Account not to show intent?

Yes, it is possible. For example, if Jane Doe who works at RollWorks has consumed content around Account-Based Marketing, she may be showing intent at a user-level, but if no other RollWorks identified users are also researching or consuming said topic, the overall RollWorks Account may NOT be showing company-level intent.


What does "Last Intent Activity" mean on the results page? How often is the Intent data updated?

"Last Intent Activity" represents the most recent date in which the account consumed content related to the corresponding intent topic(s). The data is refreshed weekly on Monday nights.


Can I see Accounts, demonstrating Intent, that are not on my Target Account List?

Yes! In addition to surfacing high intent accounts on your Target Account List, you will be able to search for any account that is demonstrating intent for the topics you selected. To find out how to discover accounts demonstrating Intent, please see this article on the Dynamic Account List Builder.

If after discovering a new Account demonstrating intent you would like to engage, you must add the account to a TAL.

I already have a contract with Bombora, can I use the Intent Data I have purchased with them?

The RollWorks platform will be able to help you activate against the accounts showing intent using the Bombora data you have purchased directly from Bombora. Our Account Intent Playbook will allow you to seamlessly engage these high intent accounts through pre-programmed campaigns. Work with your Account Team to see if your current contract with Bombora grants you more intent topics to select at a time, as well as a higher percentage of accounts demonstrating high intent surfaced.


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