Ad Serving Costs

What is the cost to serve Ads with RollWorks?

When you use RollWorks to launch your advertising programs to display ads you pay for the ad space and RollWorks retains a small percentage for serving your ad. Your total spend is the cost of buying ad space to deliver your ads. 

Ad space is bought and sold through virtual auction and prices fluctuate depending on demand. The more advertisers vying for a particular impression, the higher the cost of that impression will be. Our proprietary BidIQ® artificial intelligence technology determines where your money will be most effective; we bid to win the highest quality inventory at the lowest possible price.

Once your Campaigns & Playbooks begin serving ads, you can monitor the CPM over a particular date range to see the average cost within that period.


Does RollWorks price ad serving costs per Click (CPC) or per acquisition (CPA)?

We don't price ad serving costs by CPC or CPA. Instead, we use a dynamic CPM model because it best aligns with the interests of our advertisers. This ensures greater transparency, flexibility, and control over your campaign.



Dynamic CPM pricing encourages transparency and allows us to optimize for your specific goals.

With dynamic CPM pricing, we can focus on customer goals and adjust campaigns based on their specific requirements, while remaining transparent about which inventory was used to deliver the best results. 



There is a range of campaign types, and even a single advertiser might want to accomplish different things from one program to the next. A pricing model shouldn’t dictate campaign goals.

Dynamic CPM gives you the flexibility to appropriately target all audiences for all types of campaigns. Pricing on dynamic CPM gives advertisers the option to run a variety of campaigns to target a wider audience and adjusts when those campaigns optimize over time to meet a range of advertising goals.



Regardless of the pricing model, your goal is to maximize return on investment – but how you measure this may differ depending on your campaign type and goal.

Be careful not to make adjustments that could lower performance, such as adjusting frequency caps, running a seasonal flight, or excluding publishers. If the platform is only rewarded for clicks or conversions, there is no incentive for allowing those campaigns or for reporting on their success.

By structuring pricing around dynamic CPM – the same model we use for buying inventory – we can focus on meeting campaign goals.

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