Manage Billing Across Multiple Advertiser Profiles

If you’re managing multiple Advertiser Profiles on RollWorks, you can customize the billing method in a way that works for your business:

  • Set up all your Advertiser Profiles to be billed under the same billing account and payment method.

  • Set up individual billing accounts and payment methods for each Advertiser Profile or group of profiles.

Learn More about creating additional profiles, adding additional users, and managing multiple advertiser profiles.


How do I set up multiple billing profiles?

When you create an additional advertiser profile, you have the option to have it billed under an existing billing account or to create a new billing account for that profile.

If you want the advertiser profile to use an existing billing account, select the appropriate billing account from the dropdown menu.

If you would like to create a separate and new billing account for the profile, click Create New.

Note that if a profile is already spending and you want to move it to a new billing account, you should reach out to either your assigned Account Manager or our Customer Support team to make this happen.


How do I set up a new billing account?

When you create a new billing account, you'll be prompted to create a name for the billing account, as well as specify the currency.

The new billing account will use our default Billing Schedule of Weekly Automatic Post-Paid billing.

For monthly invoicing, if you have arranged this with your Account Manager, please reach out to them and they can update your new billing account to use monthly invoicing once your signed IO is in place.

📝 Remember

Once you select a currency, you can’t edit it. If you need to change the currency on a billing account, you will need to reach out to your Account Manager or to the Customer Support team. Any adjustments will be reflected moving forward.


What billing currencies are supported?

RollWorks defaults to US Dollars (USD). If you want to adjust your account currency, you can choose from any of the following: 

  • AUD, Australian Dollar
  • EUR, Euro
  • GBP, British Pound
  • JPY, Japanese Yen
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