Journey Predictions

Journey Predictions uses a machine learning model to surface the accounts most likely to become an open opportunity/deal. The model is trained using accounts past or present in an open opportunity/deal in your CRM, and analyzes the fit, intent, and engagement behavior prior to becoming an open opportunity to find accounts that look like and are acting like those accounts that became an open opportunity.

Journey Predictions takes the guesswork out of how to combine various in-market and fit signals so that your marketing and sales team improves their efficiency by focusing on the accounts most likely to become an open opportunity.


Who can access

Access to Keyword Intent Location depends on your package.

Your Package RollWorks Journey Predictions
Standard Advertising Not Included
Advanced Advertising Included
ABM Included 
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Not included
Standard (Legacy) Included
Professional (Legacy) Included 
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Not included

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.

In addition to having a RollWorks package that includes Journey Predictions you must have the following:

  • RollWorks integrated with Salesforce or HubSpot:
  • Have Journey Stages configured with at least one stage using the Opportunity or Deal object. Learn more here.
  • Have 3 months of historical opportunity/deal activity data in your CRM. 
  • Have at least 10 accounts that are currently in, or have been in the Open Opportunity/Deal stage, based on your journey Stage configuration. This data is needed as a training data set.


Where to access Journey Predictions

Journey Predictions s available in the following areas of the RollWorks platform:


How to use Journey Predictions

Apply as a filter in the RollWorks Command Center
  • Start by viewing how the high and medium predicted accounts fall across your customized buying journey
  • Filter the accounts distributed across the buying journey using the Journey Predictions filter.  This will surface just the High and/or Medium predicted accounts 
  • Use the Insight Cards to identify where your marketing and sales teams are missing out on capturing the demand being displayed
  • Take the next best actions suggested within the Insight Cards
Create an Account List from the RollWorks Command Center
  • If you applied a Journey Prediction filter in the Command Center, that will automatically be passed through as a rule in the new Account List builder
  • You can optionally add Journey Prediction rules in to the Account List
  • This will surface accounts that are High and/or Medium predicted accounts
Crete an Enhanced Contact List
  • You can optionally add Journey Prediction rules in to the Enhanced Contact List 
  • This will surface Contacts from your integrated CRM (Salesforce or HubSpot) at High and/or Medium predicted Accounts.
Trigger a RollWorks Workflow
  • You can trigger a Workflow using Journey Predictions - this is a great way to identify Contacts a given Sales Rep is responsible for working
  • [Beta feature] You can identify Contacts at High and/or Medium predicted accounts that are not present in your CRM, and add those contacts


Journey Predictions FAQs

What attributes and signals does the model take into account?

The predictions model looks at the fit, intent, and engagement of the accounts in the positive training data set prior to those accounts having an opportunity opened. We then look at accounts that are not yet in the open opportunity stage and assess how closely these accounts look like and are behaving like the accounts that became an open opportunity. 

The Data / Features in the predictions model include:

  • Company Attributes (Fit): industry, company size, company revenue, technologies, etc.  We consider all account attributes that are part of the RollWorks ICP Fit Grade Account Scoring model.
  • Engagement: Website Page Views, Form Fills, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo Activities including event type, and inbound/outbound designations.
  • Intent: Keyword Intent and Bombora Company Surge Intent.
  • Other Variables: The model considers other variables like the count of intent/engagement over a given time frame, the cumulative intent/engagement, and recency of the intent/engagement.


What does High and Medium prediction score mean?

High: top 5% of positively predicted accounts – on average, High accounts are 25x more likely to become an open opportunity than an average account

Medium: top 40% of positively predicted accounts – on average, Medium accounts 5x more likely than more likely to become an open opportunity than an average account


What is the duration it takes to generate predictions?

Once the eligibility requirements are met, customers can expect prediction scores within 24 hrs


How do you determine which accounts were in an open opportunity/deal?

RollWorks uses your customized Journey Stages to determine which accounts are currently in an open opportunity/deal or were previously in an open opportunity/deal.

RollWorks uses the first stage that uses an Opportunity (Salesforce) or Deal (HubSpot) rule to infer which stage represents an open opportunity.


What happens if I change my Journey Stage definitions?

Predictions are versioned to the stage changes, so it’s likely the accounts that a High and Medium predicted accounts will change.

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