Ad Placement Exclusions

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Ads are following the targeted audiences to the websites they visit. Excluding many ad placements may affect your campaign's effectiveness. Do it wisely.

You can prevent your ads from showing on specific placements (publisher or website), for example, don't show ads on a website that doesn't fit your brand or isn't helping you sell your products or services.

To request an ad placement exclusion send an email to including the following:

  • Subject: Ad placement exclusions.
  • Attach a CSV file including a list of website domains you don't want to serve ads on.
  • Make sure to include your advertisable EID, so that we can verify your customer account.

We use an implicit leading wildcard for all domains you enter. For example, if you enter, we’ll exclude all domains that match * See below for examples.

You Enter

We Exclude

We Allow

Any domains that don’t end in

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