Ad Creatives Best Practices

Your Ad content and Ad creative should match your customer journey. A full-funnel approach allows you to meet each customer where they are and should continue to move, engage and nurture them through the funnel.

 RollWorks recommends

  • Create 2 to 3 sets of Ads per funnel stage.
  • Refresh your ads every 3 months to prevent engagement decline due to ad fatigue.

As there are several stages in the marketing funnel, as a customer moves through the different stages you should adjust your creative ads and copy accordingly, this means you will need to create different creative ad sets for each stage.



Read through this guide to learn about all the different funnel stages and the corresponding creative recommendations, or click directly on a specific funnel stage.


Creative best practices for 'Unaware'

Description: This is the stage where the prospect is unaware of your offering or brand. They made zero website page views in the last 30 days. unaware.png
Goal: Create awareness so that your customer becomes aware of your brand or product and starts exploring your company. To go from zero to three-plus ungated site pages.

Types of Content & Landing Pages:

  • Ungated, short-form, gate free
  • Introductory whitepaper 
  • Informational webinars
  • Infographics, blog posts
  • Upcoming event info
  • Short how to videos

Landing Page Example:

Examples of Unaware Focused Creative



Ad Messaging: 

  • Branding & Awareness: High-level brand awareness creative that tries to introduce a completely new visitor to your company is key for this stage. Focus on WHAT you do and getting your brand name into their head, not HOW you do it or WHY a prospect should use it.
  • Video: It can be expensive to produce, but if your company has already created video assets that establish your brand, they can potentially be suitable for this stage of messaging.

CTA Examples:

  • Learn More
  • See How
  • Show Me How
  • Read More


Creative best practices for 'Aware'


Description: This is the stage where the prospect is aware of your brand or product. They made less than one website page view within the last 30 days.

Goal: Give prospects content and messaging that speaks to why they should consider you. Go from three-plus ungated site pages to converting on a form fill. This is where we recommend gating your content.

Types of Content & Landing Pages:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Use Cases
  • Demo video
  • Product focused whitepapers
  • Webinars

Landing page example:

Examples of Aware Focused Creative



Ad Messaging: 

  • Content Focused: Now is a good time to start sharing content on your company that a prospect might find useful, that may not necessarily directly relate to a purchase. E-books or white papers are good ideas.
  • Product Focused: Here is a good opportunity to share HOW your product does what it does, and what makes it special in the market by calling out things that will get a visitor to want to learn more and do more research.
  • Webinar Focused: This is also a potential opportunity to share. It's a good idea to make sure you also have non-webinar-focused ads so that you can share multiple messages to your audience to see which one resonates better.

CTA Examples:

  • Register Now
  • Download Now
  • Get the eBook
  • Show Me How


Creative best practices for 'Engaged'

Description: This is the stage where your customers are showing the highest level of intent and engagement. They are aware of their problem, they researched their options, and now they’re ready to make a decision. They’ve made more than three website page views within the last 30 days. Screenshot
Goal: Let your prospect know what the next step is and how to get in touch with your sales team.

Types of Content & Landing Pages:

  • Lead Forms
  • Product-focused content  & competitor comparisons
  • Gated Case Studies
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Demo videos

Landing page example:

Examples of Engaged Focused Creative


Ad Messaging:

Conversion focused with clear Call to Action (CTA): This is when you make sure you link to a landing page that has a form fill available, and that the creative and call to action make it clear what that form fill is going to accomplish for the prospect.

CTA Examples:

  • Request a Demo
  • Let's Chat
  • Contact Us


Creative best practices for 'Open Opportunity'

Open Opportunity

Description: This is the stage where your prospects are already in conversations with sales and are learning more about how your product could directly benefit them. 


Within this stage, it’s likely your prospects have already taken an initial meeting and are continuing to evaluate your solution in sales conversations (but, you guessed it, the marketing touches shouldn’t stop once the sales talks begin).

Goal: Accelerate understanding of your product value, differentiators, etc. Move conversations from open to closed-won deals and revenue (faster).

Types of Content & Landing Pages:

  • Buyer’s guide
  • Customer quotes/ case studies 
  • Whitepaper product explainers 
  • Competitive displacement 

Landing page example:

Examples of Open Opportunity Focused Creative


Ad Messaging:

  • Competitive Focus: The focus should be on validating why you’re the best choice in the market.
Customer Quotes/Stats: Include quotes or stats from customers or industry thought leaders to validate purchase.

CTA Examples:

  • Find out Why
  • See the ROI
  • Get Results Now


Creative best practices for 'Post Sales'

Post Sales
Description: This is the stage when your customers become brand advocates. The opportunity is listed as “won” in Salesforce and there’s relationship management/renewal activity on the account. Post
Goal: Create programs with valuable content to delight your customers, keep your product top-of-mind, retain customers who are at high risk of churn, and lead to expansion/upsell opportunities and renewals.

Types of Content & Landing Pages:

  • Case studies
  • Webinars and events 
  • Content on trends and product tips 
  • Inspiration for new ways to drive value
  • Feature-focused assets for upsell

Examples of Post Sale Focused Creative


Ad Messaging:

  • Product Focused: You should include product-focused content to show updates and increase in value to your product.
  • Content Focused: Content that customers will find informative as they use your product and understand its value.

CTA Examples:

  • Learn More 
  • Sign Up Now
  • Join Webinar 

Landing page example:


Make your Creative Ads more effective

Below you will find some worth considering concepts you can apply to your creatives, landing pages, and form fills to make them more effective.

  • Use relevant and compelling visual
  • Make sure your headline is communicating a clear message
  • Make sure the value proposition is clear (white paper, blog, product information)
  • CTA should be relatable (download Case Study, learn more)
  • Copy should be light and easy-to-read
  • Use personalization to connect immediately with your potential customers (company size, name, industry)
  • Remember that each stage in the marketing funnel should answer a different question for the customer, which means content should differ from stage to stage.
  • Create two to three sets of ads per funnel stage. Not only can you rotate your ads numerous times per cycle to keep your campaign fresh, but you can also measure each one on its own to find out which one performs the best. 
  • Pay attention to ad fatigue. Refresh your ads every one to three months to prevent engagement decline and to stay relevant. 
  • Experiment with your ad creative and content and do A/B testing in your ad strategy. A/B Testing lets you compare two versions of an ad strategy by changing variables such as ad images, ad text, audience or placement. We show each version to a segment of your audience and ensure nobody sees both, then determine which version performs best.



Make your Landing Pages more effective

  • Have a consistent headline relevant to the ad.


  • Have a purposeful goal that matches the ad. If advertising a product or blog, drive traffic to that product page or blog.
  • Be Consistent in visual images and colors for a seamless message from ad to landing page.


  • Keep your messaging simple. Copy should be short. You can use bullets and value points.
  • If using site personalization, be consistent in how you are personalizing the ad.
  • Capture only the information you need (name, email, and location). Remember that name of the company is in the email, titles can be found on LinkedIn.
  • Place form Above the Fold.


  • Be consistent in the ad offer. Don’t ask to choose between several downloads. You can follow up with other services in a nurture campaign.
  • Clearly state the value “Only Available Here” or “Must have information”.
  • Talk numbers – “5 ways to … “ or “3 best types…”.
  • Offer snippets to entice the reader to click to know more.
  • Do not pigeonhole targets (i.e. C-suite only, Marketer only), as everyone who clicks may desire the information.
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