Pardot Integration: Initial Installation Guide

What is the Pardot Integration

The Pardot Integration (also known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) connects your account to the RollWorks platform and syncs contact lists to power your Account-Based strategy. With this integration you will be able to:

At this time the Pardot Integration with RollWorks does not sync RollWorks data into Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

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Who can access

In order to access the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Integration (formerly Pardot), you must have the following subscriptions:

  • A Pardot Subscription that includes Business Units (Advanced or Premium). Click here to find your Edition.
  • Any paid RollWorks subscription package
Your Package Pardot Integration
Standard Advertising Included - for Web Contact Targeting
Advanced Advertising Included - for Web Contact Targeting
ABM Included - for Facebook Contact Targeting
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included - for Web Contact Targeting and Facebook Contact Targeting
Starter (Legacy)
Standard (Legacy)
Professional (Legacy)
Ultimate (Legacy)
Free Tier Not included

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Connect to RollWorks

Step1: Login to RollWorks

  • Log in to RollWorks.
  • Navigate to Integrations > CRM & Marketing Automation > Pardot.
  • Click Connect.

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Step 2: Enter your Pardot information

  • Enter your Pardot Business Unit ID
      • To find your Pardot Business Unit ID go to Setup > Pardot > Pardot Account Setup.  If you cannot access the Pardot Account Setup information, ask your Salesforce Administrator to provide you with the Pardot Business Unit ID.
  • Select whether the Pardot environment you would like to connect:
      • Pardot Production Environment
      • Pardot Sandbox Environment.   
  • Click Connect with Pardot, and you will be taken into the oAuth flow.  

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Step 3: Enter your Pardot login credentials

  • Enter your Pardot username and password credentials. Your selections in Step 2 will determine which username and password are valid, based on the Pardot Business Unit ID and Pardot environment chosen.


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Import contact lists

Before you start

  • Importing your Pardot Contact Lists to RollWorks will allow you to either target this audience with Ads or to exclude this audience from these RollWorks Ad Campaigns:
  • You must ensure that your Pardot account is connected to RollWorks. Learn how-to here

We recommend a minimum of 1000 unique email addresses

We strongly suggest that your contact lists synced from Pardot have at least 1,000 unique email addresses for optimal performance. Even though you may be able to run a contact targeting campaign with 100 unique emails that match a cookie this audience is too small to yield optimal reach and ad performance. 🔎 Learn more about how Contact Lists work here.


Step 1: Create a Contact List in Pardot

You can skip this step if you already have existing Pardot contact Lists that you want to bring over to RollWorks. Any Contact List that you have created in Pardot is eligible to be imported into RollWorks.

  • Log in to Pardot and click Lists and Create.
  • Learn more about how to create Contact Lists in Pardot in their help center.


Step 2: Import Contact List to RollWorks

  • Login to RollWorks, navigate to Integrations > CRM & Marketing Automation > Pardot
  • Click the button labeled Import Lists to view all available Pardot Contact Lists
  • Select the Contact List(s) that you wish to import and click Done

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After completing the steps above you have successfully synced your selected Pardot Contacts Lists over to RollWorks. If the lists you import are dynamic Contact Lists in Pardot they will update automatically in RollWorks.

Now that you have synced over your contact lists from Pardot to RollWorks, you can engage or suppress this audience in your RollWorks Ad Campaigns. 


Find Pardot Contact Lists

Log in to RollWorks and go to Audiences > Contact Lists

Your imported Pardot Contact Lists will be listed under Imported Audiences.  You can use the 'Source' filter to find any Pardot Contact List synced into RollWorks.



Data Sync

The data sync between RollWorks and Pardot is scheduled daily at 15:00 (UTC), any new lists created in Pardot will appear as available to be imported to RollWorks after this daily sync.

After importing a list, RollWorks will complete the cookie-matching process, which can take up to 72 hours. You cannot use imported Contact Lists in your Ad Campaigns until this cookie-matching process is complete.

To confirm if a Contact List is ready to be used in Ad Campaigns login to RollWorks:

  • Navigate to Audiences > Contact Lists
  • Under Imported Lists use the filter Source = Pardot to view Pardot contact lists only.
  • Or search your contact list name.


Synced Audience Status Description
Waiting for matches You have successfully imported this list and Rollworks is matching your contact email addresses to use browser cookies. This process can take up to 72 hours.
Ready to use The cookie-matching process has been completed and your Contact List is ready to be used in an Ad Campaign.
Audience too small The imported contact list has less than 100 email addresses and cannot be used in RollWorks Ad Campaigns
Audience no longer syncing RollWorks is unable to update your imported contact list from Pardot, either because this list has been deleted from Pardot or has changed.

To learn more about the RollWorks process we use to ingest your CRM Contact Lists go to this Help Center article.



Can I see RollWorks data and reports directly in Pardot?

At this time the Pardot Integration with RollWorks does not sync RollWorks data into Pardot.


What type of Advertising campaigns can I launch using Pardot contact lists? 

You can launch the following types of advertising campaigns using Pardot contact lists:

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