Alyce Integration Guide

What is the Alyce Integration?

Our partner Alyce is a direct mail and gifting platform for B2B companies that Alyce allows you to elevate your engagement with key accounts through direct mail and gifting powered by AI.

The RollWorks and Alyce partnership enables mutual customers to inform their gifting strategy using RollWorks’ account and contact data, as well as align their gifting strategy with other account-based engagement channels.

The Alyce Integration provides you with the following features and benefits:

  • AI-Driven gifting recommendations: Alyce simplifies the gifting process by recommending and sourcing gifts for your prospects based on automated personal research.
  • Reach the right people at the right time for gifting outreach: Improve your gifting targeting by using account and contact data filters and advertising and website interactions to inform direct mail and gifting triggers.
  • Create multi-channel experiences: Further engagement tactics by automatically adding contacts who receive gifts to other engagement channels such as Web, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Personalized gift recipient experience:  Add personal video to gifting invitations and allow recipients the opportunity to accept, exchange, or donate their gift value to charity.
  • Post gifting nurture options: Automatically add contacts who received direct mail or e-gifts to other engagement channels and campaigns.


Who is eligible to access the Alyce Integration?

The Alyce integration requires:

  • Having a contract with Alyce and integrating your Salesforce Org with your Alyce account. Alyce customers may need to purchase additional capabilities to enable this integration, please confirm with your Alyce Account Manager.
  • Having a RollWorks account with any paid subscription package: Starter, Standard, Professional, or Ultimate.
  • Integrate your RollWorks account with Salesforce.

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


How do I set up the Alyce Integration?


How do I use the Alyce Integration?

Use Case 1. Use RollWorks’ Account & Contact data to inform your direct mail and gifting strategy

We recommend starting by focusing your direct mail and gifting efforts on contacts who have completed a CTC (click-through) or VTC view-through conversion. This approach allows you to sort contacts based on their levels of engagement to customize who you send to, when you send, and what you send. 

  • Build a Salesforce report using the RollWorks User Summary Custom Object. The report will summarize the following RollWorks metrics per Lead and Contact over the last 30 days:
      • Impressions
      • Clicks
      • Spend (Impression Costs)
      • CTC (Click-through Conversions)
      • VTC View-through Conversion
  • Group this report by 'Lead Status' and 'Contact Status' 
  • Follow the steps in this Alyce guide to send a gift invitation through Salesforce.

Use Case 2. Align your direct mail and gifting strategy with other account-based engagement channels

We recommend displaying specific ads to contacts and leads who received direct mail or a gift in the last 30 days, adjust your creative for Web and Facebook campaigns based on the gift sent.

  • Create a People List in Salesforce with the RollWorks List Manager using:
      • Most Recent Gift Invitation Sent Date field
      • Most Recent Gift Invitation Gift Name
  • You can add other fields that Alyce makes available on the Contact and Lead object to build your contact lists.
  • Create Contact Audiences Campaigns in the RollWorks Platform that dynamically target these contacts and leads with Web Ads and Facebook Ads.  Learn more about how to create a Web contact targeting campaign here.


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