Getting Started with the PFL Integration

Getting Started with the PFL Integration

  1. Ensure your RollWorks account and Salesforce instance are integrated.
  2. If you plan to use account data to inform your direct mail and gifting strategy, ensure you have a Target Account List defined.
  3. Ensure your PFL account and Salesforce instance are integrated.

How to Use the PFL Integration

RollWorks and PFL customers can use RollWorks data in Salesforce to trigger direct mail sends. There are two ways you can trigger the direct mail: 

  • Salesforce Process Builder
  • Salesforce Reports

Using Salesforce Process Builder

This approach will automatically add contacts to direct mail campaigns if the contact achieves a custom level of engagement. The RollWorks User Summary custom object is the simplest way to automate sending direct mail because the advertising and engagement data is tied to a specific contact or lead. You can use any field on the RollWorks User Summary custom object that is updated based on advertising or engagement data when determining who you want to send direct mail to. 

In this example, we want to add any contact who has clicked on 5 or more ads, OR received 2 or more impressions. You can customize the criteria to fit your direct mail needs.

Object: RollWorks User Summary


Engagement criteria:

User_Summary__Clicks > 5


User_Summary__Impressions > 2


Actions: Create Campaign Member Record

To create the campaign member successfully, you will need to locate the campaign ID you intend to add the contact to. You can find the campaign ID by navigating to the campaign in Salesforce, and locating the ID in the browser URL.

Example (ID is in bold):


Create a rule in Salesforce TMA (PFL’s Salesforce package) monitoring for the campaign member being created.


Salesforce Report Builder

This approach will allow you to sort contacts based on levels of engagement so you can pick and choose who you send the direct mail to.

Manually build a report to view which contacts are showing the most impression, click, conversion, page view activity. The example below is a RollWorks User Summary with Contact report type looking at Contacts with Clicks > 0.


Once the report has been created and saved the drop down arrow on the far right will give you the option ‘add to campaign’.

PFL_6.png  PFL_7.png

By having a TMA rule active that is monitoring for Contacts being added to this campaign you can very easily and quickly generate a number of direct mail orders seamlessly.

Resource: How to add Report Records to a campaign

TMA Product call outs when using RollWorks data

  1. If you want to send direct mail to both Leads and Contacts, you must a have a rule for each type as they will use different address fields.
  2. The RollWorks integration use must be enable as a user in Salesforce TMA. This can be done by doing the following.
  3. Navigate the TMA Administration from the Salesforce App Launcher
  4. Click on the TMA Tools tab
  5. Click on the Users tab
  6. In the search box search for the RollWorks integration user that you have set.
  7. Select ‘Enabled’
  8. Click ‘Save’
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