Opensense Integration Overview

What is the Opensense Integration?

The RollWorks and Opensense integration helps mutual customers unify messaging across display, social, and email channels. By tagging target account list (TAL) names in RollWorks, mutual customers can easily identify accounts that are being engaged in RollWorks and display the same message in their email signature.

Who is eligible to access?

RollWorks customers on a Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package can take advantage of the Opensense integration.


  • Easy Integration. Easily link your RollWorks and Opensense account with a few clicks.
  • RollWorks Target Account List tagging. Tag your RollWorks TALs, and the tag will be available for use in Opensense.  
  • Opensense Banner tagging. Assign the RollWorks TAL tag to Opensense banners to easily unify messaging across display, social, and email channels.


  • Unified Messaging. Send the same message to the same prospect across display, social, and email channels. 
  • Increased Engagement. Reach your prospects across display, social, and email to increase awareness and engagement.
  • Seamless Measurement. Measure the engagement of your display, social, and email efforts against your Target Accounts in RollWorks, and report in Salesforce and Hubspot.
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