Two-Factor Authentication

Is Two-Factor Authentication compulsory?

Yes, Two-Factor Authentication is compulsory for all existing users and new sign-ups except users utilizing Single sign-on (SSO).

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), also known as 2-Step Verification, is a compulsory RollWorks account setting that adds an additional layer of security in addition to your password to help protect against unauthorized account access. You will need to retrieve a six-digit verification code from your phone every time you log in to your account. You have the option to configure Two Factor Authentication through SMS or with an authentication app. 

If you need assistance setting up Two Factor Authentication for your RollWorks account or need help logging in,contact the RollWorks Customer Support team.


Setting up Two-Factor Authentication for new customers

When you log in to RollWorks for the first time you will be prompted to set up Two Factor Authentication. This step is compulsory to help protect your account against unauthorized account access unless you log in to RollWorks via SSO.

Choose and configure at least one verification method:

  • Mobile app verification - use an authentication app installed on your phone, such as Google Authenticator or Authy. You will be prompted to enter a unique code from this app.
  • Text message verification - You will be prompted to enter a unique code sent via SMS to your phone.


Set Up an Authentication App for Two-Factor Authentication

  • Download an authentication app. We recommend Google Authenticator or Authy
  • Set up a new account within the app
  • While setting up your AdRoll account, you’ll see a prompt to enable TFA. Click Mobile App Verification

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 6.24.36 PM.png

  • Scan the barcode displayed on your RollWorks account

  • Enter the verification code that is displayed in the app
  • Click Confirm
  • On the next screen, click Continue to Account

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Set Up SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

  • Enter your phone number and click Register your number.
    • The number must start with a plus (+)
    • Include the Country Code 
    • We support up to fifteen digits (including the Country Code)
    • Dashes are optional
      • Example of correct formatting: +1-305-333-4444 or +13053334444

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 6.35.42 PM.png

  • Enter the verification code you receive on your phone through a text message.
  • On the next screen click Continue to Account

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 6.27.24 PM.png



If you have trouble logging into your account with two-factor authentication, check these common issues:

  • Incorrect Verification Code: check that the verification code you’ve entered matches the code you received through SMS or via your authentication app.
  • Incorrect Phone Number: check that you haven’t entered your phone number incorrectly, including wrong country codes or missing digits, which can prevent the SMS from being delivered. See list of supported country codes below.
  • Expired or Changed Phone Number: if your phone number is expired or no longer in service, you will not receive the SMS.
  • Expired Tokens/Codes: check that the token hasn’t expired or become invalid. If it has, you will need to generate a new code by resending the verification code or refreshing your app.
  • Device-specific issues: If your phone is set to “Do Not Disturb” or Airplane Mode, you may not receive the SMS or be able to load verification codes in your authentication app. Additionally, check that your device is compatible with the app you’re using.
  • Connectivity Issues: In some cases, the issue can be with the mobile network. Delays or failures can occur due to network congestion, poor signal strength, or outages within the mobile provider's service.
  • App Updates: check that your authentication app is up to date.
  • Carrier Filtering: In some cases, mobile carriers employ filters to prevent spam, which can sometimes mistakenly block legitimate messages from reaching you. You’ll need to reach out to your carrier to resolve this.


Supported Country Codes for SMS TFA

Region Code Region Code
Argentina 54 Mexico 52
Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island 61 Moldova 373
Austria 43 Morocco/Western Sahara 212
Bangladesh 880 Netherlands 31
Belgium 32 New Zeland 64
Brazil 55 Norway 47
Bulgaria 359 Pakistan 92
Canada 1 Panama 507
Costa Rica 506 Papua New Guinea 675
Chile 56 Peru 51
Colombia 57 Philippines 63
Croatia 385 Portugal 351
Cyprus 357 Puerto Rico 1787
Czech Republic 420 Qatar 974
Denmark 45 Romania 40
Dominican Republic 1809 Saudi Arabia 966
Egypt 20 Serbia 381
Finland/Aland Islands 358 Singapore 65
France 33 South Africa 27
Germany 49 Slovenia 386
Greece 30 Spain 34
Guernsey/Jersey 44 Sweden 46
Hong Kong 852 Switzerland 41
Hungary 36 Thailand 66
India 91 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 90
Indonesia 62 Turkiye  90
Jordan 962 Ukraine 380
Italy 39 United Arab Emirates 971
Kenya 254 United Kingdom 44
Latvia 371 United States 1
Lithuania 370 Vanuatu 678
Malaysia 60 Vietnam 84
Malta 365    

If the issues you encounter persist, don’t hesitate to contact the RollWorks Customer Support Team.


Account Recovery with Two-Factor Authentication

If you lose access to your Two Factor Authentication method and you can’t access your account please contact the RollWorks Customer Support team to recover access to your account.

To make this process as easy as possible, please send an email using the email address associated with the accounts you need to recover.


Updating your Two-Factor Authentication settings

Open this page or navigate to Settings > Password and Security to change or update your Two Factor Authentication method.

If you log in to RollWorks via SSO you will not be able to configure Two Factor Authentication.

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