Guidelines for Your Business

Depending on your business services, products, website type, and website content you may be required to follow additional guidelines in order to be able to use the RollWorks platform. Please review the list below to see the additional guidelines and restrictions that may apply to your business.


Guidelines for Ad Publishers

You can host ad space on your website, but it cannot be the focus. The following may lead to disapproval:

❌ You do not own the majority of content on your website.
❌ Products offered are otherwise available for free.


Guidelines for Affiliates

Affiliates are advertisers who earn commission on traffic or business sent to third-party partners. We work directly with businesses to retarget their visitors, rather than individual or organized affiliates. This is in line with our policy that the website in review must demonstrate added value.

Signals we use to identify affiliate businesses:
❌ Redirecting destination URLs.
❌ Websites whose purchasing links send visitors to third-party pages (except for ticketing services such as Ticketmaster).
❌ Reseller programs.
❌ Mirror sites (websites that mimic the look and feel of another) not owned by the original entity.


Guidelines for Aggregators

Aggregators are websites that compile third-party content and links so visitors can easily assess their options. This does add value, but make sure that you add value with original content as well to ensure your campaign is approved.


Guidelines for Children's Retail and Content

We may be able to provide services to child-related retail sites where purchases are made online by adults 18 or older, as long as your campaign does not target children ages 13 or under. We will not be able to approve your business if you:

❌ Collect visitor data on pages that contain content intended for anyone ages 13 or under.
❌ Your ad or website messaging is positioned to appeal to anyone ages 13 or under.

Please see our article on Restricted children's content to learn more.

In order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, RollWorks does not provide its services for websites intended for children ages 13 or under.  To avoid disapproval, please make sure:

✅ Your ads are not intended for or target children 13 and under.
✅ Destination pages do not contain any content intended for children, such as child-directed games or videos.
✅ Your website is not intended for children 13 and under.

If children’s content (such as child-directed videos or games) is a part of your offering, please make sure to keep it separate from your creative’s landing page, such as on a separate domain or subdomain. Do not place the AdRoll pixel on any pages containing children’s content.


Guidelines for Cosmetic Surgery

We can promote cosmetic surgery services as long as the content is family-safe. If your practice specializes in procedures involving breasts or genitalia, be careful with what you picture. Censor any sensitive areas and make sure that you are not implying an ideal body type with any of your content.


Guidelines for Education Services and Academic Aids

We can promote education services, programs, or products designed to help people, but make sure they follow these guidelines:

✅ The offer and proposed value are clear and specific.
✅ All claims made are accurate, credible, and verifiable.
✅ Costs are fully disclosed upfront.

Examples of accepted education businesses are:

  • Tutoring services.
  • Online courses or programs backed by a reputable organization.
  • School supply distributors.
  • Institutions of higher education.

Programs that are designed as academic “shortcuts” or to achieve some exaggerated result will not be approved, including academic aid providers (businesses that sell essays or services to complete coursework), or programs that claim to teach individuals how to "Make money fast".


Guidelines for Financial Services

Financial services will be closely reviewed for credibility, user safety, and accuracy of claims.

We cannot promote:

❌ Cash, payday, or title loans are prohibited.
❌ Stock or other financial advice programs that guarantee success or exaggerate potential returns will not be approved, even if this is only a portion of your offering.

To be approved, make sure:

  • Your website content focuses on the financial tools you offer, not potential returns. Exaggerating returns is grounds for disapproval.
  • The terms of your offers are clearly laid out to guide visitors through the full extent of financial considerations.
  • Verification of performance or accreditation claims are easily accessible.
  • Any request for sensitive personal information is completed on secure processing servers https://



Guidelines for Marketing Agencies

We work with many agencies to help promote their clients, but when it comes to retargeting your own marketing business, there are extra guidelines to keep in mind.

To be approved:

  • Your marketing tool or service must be designed to assist in marketing strategy.
  • Programs should be customizable to cater to specific client needs.
  • Potential customers should have a clear and full understanding of the services offered.

Examples of what we can approve:

  • Analytics providers.
  • Agencies (client websites must be compliant with our site requirements).
  • Social media management platforms or tools.
  • Website optimization tools.

We cannot approve:

❌ “One-size-fits-all” marketing solutions.
❌ Marketing tools or programs that claim exaggerated returns.
❌ Reputation management systems designed to inflate social media presence (e.g., buying traffic or Facebook likes), alter review ratings, or otherwise manipulate a business’ digital presence (e.g., selling backlinks) in exchange for money or personal information.


Guidelines for Third-Party Vendors

While you may leverage third-party vendors to sell your products, your campaign(s) should point back to your proprietary website. Do not point to your product listing on third-party websites. 


Guidelines for Medical Supplies

We can promote general hospital and first aid supplies (bandages, scrubs, gloves).

We cannot promote content pertaining to medical devices used to treat specific physical or mental conditions because it implies the personal conditions of the target audience.


Guidelines for Health Supplements

Supplements are diet additives that synthesize natural ingredients in order to fulfill the desired result. Because of questionable legality and verification of claims, we cannot promote health supplements that:

❌ Are designed for physical enhancement (for example, weight loss, bodybuilding, or rejuvenation).
❌ Claim to be as effective as (or a suitable replacement for) medicines.
❌ Claim benefits that cannot be easily verified.


Guidelines for Surveillance Equipment

Any products or services to monitor, collect information on, or tamper with the communications of private individuals without their consent are restricted, and may only be approved on a limited subset of our inventory sources. Make sure that you're not engaging in or providing tools to monitor people without their knowledge.

Child or employee monitoring systems can be approved.


Guidelines for Weight loss and bodybuilding

Not all products or services designed for weight loss or bodybuilding can be approved, especially those that involve supplements. Non-supplementary weight loss and bodybuilding products and services (e.g., nutrition systems or exercise programs) will be closely reviewed for verifiable claims and must have a proven record of user safety before they are approved.

Avoid before-and-after images, unexpected or unlikely results, or any image that focuses unnecessarily on any body part. Make sure that website and ad images do not imply a state of ideal or extremely undesirable bodyweight.

We will also review your content for health and beauty “ideals” as well. Make sure that you avoid language that calls out perceived imperfections through language such as, “Are you fat?” or “Balding?”


Guidelines for Lingerie and Hosiery

Stores that sell lingerie, online or offline, can be promoted so long as store offerings and presentation of products in both your ads and website are tasteful (family-safe).

To be approved:

  • Your website cannot contain any nudity. To determine if your content complies with this rule, use the "bikini test". Any areas that would be covered by an opaque two-piece swimsuit cannot be exposed. Unfortunately, if nipples are visible our partner networks will not allow your campaign to run.
  • Avoid any explicit or implicit references to adult activities.


Restricted businesses, products, and services

Lead Generation Websites

We cannot promote lead generation websites. This is defined as websites that have a primary purpose to collect personal information from visitors. Dedicated landing pages that contain a form for visitors to fill out can be approved, but only if it is associated with a business that offers more than lead generation.

Any information collected should be necessary for your business’s operations. For example to:

  • Fulfill a request or provide customer support
  • Complete a transaction
  • Create an account
  • Enroll the visitor in an opt-in newsletter program

Signals we use to identify lead generation websites:

❌ Missing or incomplete privacy policy.
❌ Single-page websites.
❌ Offers for free products or services in exchange for personal information or taking a survey.
❌ Offers for future access to products or services in exchange for personal information now. 


Special Interests

To protect the privacy of users, audiences cannot be targeted based on implied or explicit knowledge of a user's personal circumstances. If only some of the products or services on your website relate to the special interests listed below, you may still be able to advertise so long as your audience segments, ads, and landing pages do not imply knowledge of these groups.

Do not target based on or imply potentially sensitive:

❌ Physical or mental medical or health information.
❌ Criminal proceedings or allegations.
❌ Financial problems (e.g., bankruptcy or other negative financial situations).
❌ Political opinions.
❌ Racial or ethnic information.
❌ Religious or similar beliefs.
❌ Trade union memberships.
❌ Interests or participation in adult activities (e.g., alcohol, gambling, dating, pornography).
❌ Sexual behavior, identity, or orientation.
❌   Status as a child under 13 years of age. 



We cannot promote personal blogs or forums. If you use blogs and forums as community or marketing tools, we can work with you as long as it's clear that your business goes beyond the blog or forum by providing clear links to the homepage of your main website.



Websites in which the majority of products display alcohol-related content, or in which the core product or service offering is of an alcohol nature, are not eligible to run campaigns with RollWorks.

If the website does not sell alcohol or is a small part of the business offering, please make sure that there is no content that could be interpreted as alcohol in the marketing content. Banners should not contain alcohol-related content and landing pages should not link to alcohol-related content.

Venues or events that sell alcohol legally, but are not promoting alcohol, can be promoted provided that banners are age-appropriate and are not promoting alcohol or alcohol-related activities.


Tobacco-Related Products

Websites and advertisements must not promote the use or sale of tobacco or tobacco-related products. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

❌ Products containing tobacco: Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco and e-juice.
❌ Tobacco-related accessories as well as devices that facilitate or simulate the use of tobacco: Rolling papers, filters, pipes, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, vaporizer devices, and accessories.
❌ Services that allow for tobacco consumption and products to quit smoking: Cigar bars, hookah lounges, and smoking rehabilitation programs or facilities.



Websites in which the majority of products display gambling-related content, or in which the core product or service offering is of a gambling nature, are not eligible to run campaigns with RollWorks.

Gambling services or content that is prohibited include:

❌ Free or paid casino games.
❌ Games of chance or skill that involve monetary wagers or rewards.
❌ Gambling-related promotional products (e.g., vouchers, gambling credit).
❌ Gambling software or programs.
❌ Gambling-related strategy, advice, or information.
❌ Government-sponsored lotteries.
❌ Brick-and-mortar casinos (gambling establishments).

Any internet-based game in which real money or prizes are exchanged or wagered depending on the result of a game are prohibited from running campaigns via RollWorks. 


Penny Auctions

Penny auctions are bidding websites that require a non-refundable fee in order to place a bid on any item or service. We cannot promote them. 



We're open to the possibilities of the unknown, but the unknown is inherently unverifiable. Astrology, psychics, or related businesses can be promoted as long as you do not make any claims guaranteeing results or accuracy.


Personal Promotion

We cannot promote individual profiles or listings created on third-party platforms or social networks. If you have a marketable skill or craft and have made a business of it, reach out to the Customer Support team with your website URL and we’d be happy to check it for eligibility. In order to run, your website should demonstrate added value beyond lead generation.

Politics and Issues of National Importance

Websites and ads must not contain political and election related content. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

❌ Political content focusing on or advocating on behalf of a particular candidate political party.
❌ Relates to an election, ballot initiative, or referendum.
❌ Lead ads requesting information regarding political affiliation.
❌ Issues of legislative public importance.
❌ Content that exploits sensitive or controversial political and social issues.


Drugs and Drug Use

Websites and ads must not promote or depict the sale or use of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

❌ Substances intended to alter mental state and induce “highs:" Cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, opioids, recreational or medical marijuana, CBD oil.
❌ Drug-related paraphernalia: Pipes, bongs, rolling papers, and vaporizer devices.
❌ Information associated with the procurement, production, or use of drugs.
❌ Forums and search aggregators containing tips and recommendations on drug use.


Prescription Medicines

We cannot promote prescription medicines (and related businesses), even if they comply with local regulations. This is because laws differ from country to country and because of the potentially sensitive information implied by your customer's purchase. Make sure that the content of your ads, landing pages, or website does not make any references to this category.

Examples of pharmaceutical websites that we cannot run:

❌ Online pharmacies.
❌ Pharmaceutical manufacturers.
❌ Coupon aggregators (that relate to prescriptions).
❌ Any associated content or keywords.



Websites which contain online weapons, and associated products in certain cases, are not eligible to run campaigns via RollWorks. Weapons are defined as any product designed to cause injury or harm. This includes:

❌ Functioning guns or gun parts.
❌ Hunting knives, or similar.
❌ Bombs or explosives.
❌ Brass knuckles.
❌ Throwing stars.
❌ Defensive weapons designed to incapacitate or injure another individual (pepper spray, stun guns).
❌ Gun Ranges.
❌ Gunsmiths.


Related businesses that may be eligible to be promoted, but will be reviewed on a case by case basis, include:

  • Decorative (non-functional) antiques
  • Accessories that do not contribute to basic weapon functionality (such as Gun scopes or cases)
  • Gun or weapon-related publications (books, magazines, or lifestyle websites)

If your website or ads picture any prohibited weapons, we will not be able to approve your campaign.


Airsoft Guns

We cannot promote airsoft guns or similar products that discharge projectiles at high velocity with the potential to injure (shoots things).

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