Search a specific account in RollWorks using the Account Search Bar

How to find a specific Account in RollWorks

If you need to find a specific account in the RollWorks database of accounts you can use our Account Search Bar feature. The Account Search Bar allows you to find any account in the RollWorks database by simply typing the company name. The Account Search Bar will return all accounts in our database regardless if they are part of your Account Lists or not.


How to access the Account Search Bar

There are two ways of accessing the Account Search Bar that will allow you to search through the list of accounts:

  • The left side panel

You can access the Account Search Bar in the left side panel from any place within the platform. Just click on it.

  • Command + K (CTRL + K)

Also, you can access the Account Search Bar by pressing Command + K (CTRL + K) on your keyboard from any place within the platform.


How to use the Account Search Bar

Enter the company name of the account that you are looking for in the Account Search Bar. Do not enter the full domain URL. For example, if you wish to find the RollWorks account enter RollWorks, not


Click the 'Search' button.


You will see a list of the accounts with the name that you were looking for.


In case there is more than one account with the name you have entered you will see a list of accounts. To extend the list click 'Show first 25 results'.


The search has a limit and it will only show the first 25 results. The accounts are ordered based on the amount of traffic the domain gets. When you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact our Customer Support by clicking the 'Send us a message' button.



Company details available through the Account Search Bar

The Account Search Bar gives you the following information about the account.

  • Company name


When you click on the 'Company Name' it will take you to the Account card for that account.


To read more on the Account card and what it contains please go to this article.

  • Company Domain


Clicking on the URL will take you directly to the Company Domain.

  • Country (where the company is based)


  • Industry (area of the company's business operation)





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