Troubleshooting Enhanced Contact List Errors

When creating an Enhanced Contact List, the RollWorks platform may indicate that there is an error associated with your list. There are different types of Enhanced Contact List errors that require different steps to fix them. This article will help you identify the cause of the error and walk you through the steps to fix the error.


Ingestion Errors

In order to ensure your Enhanced Contact Lists are up to date, RollWorks ingests new data from Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, each day. Occasionally, there may be an error when trying to ingest new data from these data sources.

When an ingestion error occurs, RollWorks will preserve the last successful ingest of data from the affected source and allow the Enhanced Contact List to be used in advertising and edited. RollWorks will attempt to re-import new data from the affected source and update the list again during the next scheduled sync.

Ingestion Errors will be flagged on the Enhanced Contact List page as follows:



How to fix an ingestion error?

Please contact RollWorks Customer Support so that we can investigate the reason and provide specific steps to fix it. The specific error reason and steps to remediate that apply to you will be shared by our Customer Support team after they look into the error.

Below are the most common reasons why ingestion errors occur and the steps to remediate them. 

API Errors

This error occurs for several reasons including, but not limited to API limits, HubSpot or Salesforce outages, and internal RollWorks errors. These errors are typically transient and will resolve themselves upon the next scheduled data sync.

How to fix this issue?

Typically API errors are transient and will fix on their own upon the next data sync. We suggest waiting for the next scheduled data sync after the API limit, partner outage, or internal issue has been resolved. RollWorks will attempt to re-import new data from the affected source and update the list again during the next scheduled sync.

Authentication Errors

Authentication errors can occur due to:

  • Insufficient permissions: If the user that completed the integration has “read” access revoked or never had “read” access, then ingestion will fail.
  • Integration user no longer valid: If the original user that completed the integration between RollWorks and your CRM/MAP leaves your company or their permissions are revoked, their email address is no longer valid, so the integration and ingestion will fail.No
  • The integration is disconnected: If one of the users in your RollWorks account intentionally or accidentally turns off the integration directly from the RollWorks integration page.this.png

How to fix this issue?

You must re-authenticate the integration. We strongly recommend that you use an integration user profile (instead of an employee user profile) to authenticate your integrations to avoid a data sync disruption in the future.

  • Click here to learn how to re-authenticate Salesforce integration.
  • Click here to learn how to re-authenticate the HubSpot integration.
  • Click here to learn how to re-authenticate the Marketo integration.
Data Sharing is turned off

In addition to integrating RollWorks with a third-party partner like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo, you must ensure that the Data Sync Settings checkbox is marked as active in RollWorks, otherwise syncing data between systems will be disabled.

How to fix this issue?

Salesforce HubSpot Marketo
  • Login to Salesforce
  • Go to App Launcher and open the RollWorks ABM App
  • Click the RollWorks Settings Tab - you will need to have RollWorks Admin permissions in Salesforce to see this, if you don’t ask your CRM administrator to complete this step.
  • Ensure the option Yes, opt-in data sharing under Select your ABM data sharing setting below.



Value Errors

When customizing your Journey Stages using Salesforce, HubSpot, or Marketo you may encounter an issue when you are not able to select the specific field values you want to use. The example below depicts this issue - the value 60% Probability for the field Deal Stage is missing from the RollWorks Journey Stage logic builder.

This will happen when:

  1. Your CRM/MAP field values are not defined as a picklist.
  2. No records exist for a value in your CRM/MAP.

In the example above, RollWorks does not show 60% Probability because the Deal Stage field values in HubSpot have not been defined as a picklist and there are no records with a Deal Stage equal to 60% Probability currently.

When you are missing a value when customizing Journey Stages you can adjust your logic by adding a new block with OR logic. Add the filter using 'contains' instead of 'equals'.

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