Why is the cookie count associated to my Contact List higher than expected?

Contact Lists are dynamic and your CRM contacts are added or removed dynamically to the list based on your unique filter logic. You can create dynamic contact lists using the features Enhanced Contact Lists and Imported Lists.

Due to the dynamic nature of Contact Lists, emails are added and removed based on your contact list logic on a daily basis.


When an email no longer meets the Contact List logic:

  • The email will be immediately removed from your Contact List and will not be used in any associated Workflows.
  • The cookies associated with the email will stay in the underlying advertising audience for ~90 days and we will continue to target them through any active campaigns.

As a result, you may see a higher cookie count than expected in the advertising audience associated with the Contact List. We will continue targeting the cookies in the advertising segment for ~90 days after the email has been removed from your dynamic Contact list based on your filter logic. 

Contact List total emails


Total targeted audience size in an active advertising campaign



Why do we keep cookies from Contacts Lists in advertising audiences for 90 days?

  • Advertising works well when you can have continued exposure to a person. Advertising to someone for just one day will have a minimal impact, and by continuing to run ads for up to 90 days toward a contact, we can ensure the contact is receiving the right level of exposure to drive optimal action.
  • RollWorks BidIQ bidding engine prioritizes contacts who have demonstrated hand-raising behavior that makes them more likely to convert.  So, as contacts demonstrate less interaction with the ads, we will decrease the frequency of exposure over that period of time.


How can I stop targeting cookies after an email is removed from a Contact List?

You can stop using the existing contact list and create a new contact list. Make sure that you swap the new and the old contact list in your campaign audience settings.

In the example below we created two Contact Lists using the same exact logic, one was created in February, and one in June:

  • The contact list created in February has 744 emails and ~55,000 cookies.
  • The contact list created in June has 744 emails and ~4,600 cookies.


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