How We Streamline Our Programmatic Advertising

The B2B digital advertising space is crowded with different vendors all purporting to be the best choice, so it can be hard to differentiate between the players on the market. Here at RollWorks however, we have three main points of differentiation that set us head and shoulders above the competition in terms of reach, effectiveness, and value for money.

1. Flexibility to adapt our bidding algorithm and where we bid

We built and run our own demand side platform (DSP) to serve ads as optimally as possible:

  • Though there are many DSPs that companies can use, we boast a custom-built DSP (not white-labeled) with expertise honed over 15 years of programmatic buying. Each DSP will have its own way of buying inventory based on whatever bidding algorithm they are using.
  • Owning the technology and building the platform ourselves allows us the ability to fine-tune our bidding algorithm (BidIQ®) based on any market changes we see that will impact performance, unlike less flexible white-labeled solutions. This flexibility means we can ensure we’re constantly doing everything possible to make our buying more efficient and serve ads as optimally as possible.
  • Our competitors who are using white-labeled solutions don’t have the flexibility to make changes to the bidding algorithms used by these solutions.
  • When other vendors in the ABM space whitelabel a DSP external to themselves, they are limited to bid solely across the inventory available from whoever that DSP has selected. Having our own DSP allows us to bid intelligently across the entire inventory of all major exchanges and many minor exchanges as well, rather than limiting ourselves to the one available on white-labeled DSPs like other platforms in the space.
2. Contextual Bidding for optimal results

We know exactly what is powering BidIQ®, our bidding algorithm and it is constantly learning and evolving to optimize your spending:

  • BidIQ® is our proprietary algorithm that sees billions of transactions and has hundreds of thousands of data points that go into optimally finding a bid for a user and when/ where, or even what format we should show ads to those users - based the interactions they’ve had on the various sites which use the NextRoll Pixel for the past 15 years and our ability to profile them across devices.
  • In fact, we have information on over 1.2 billion buyer profiles worldwide, providing us massive scale on a global level.  For every impression we bid on, BidIQ® looks at hundreds of data points (eg. ad size, position on page, device used, number of pages viewed by targeted user, segments viewed, past click, purchase behavior, time of day etc.) and runs a series of Machine Learning algorithms predicting things like: likelihood of a click, likelihood of conversion and auction dynamics like win rate and clearing price in order to calculate a unique bid price based on the probability of those outcomes.
  • BidIQ® helps to ensure we are optimally spending our clients’ budgets. For example, if we can see a user is on multiple sites but one site inventory is cheaper than another, we can choose the cheaper option to serve the ads to them. However, we don’t just focus on the lowest price, BidIQ® will weigh the price against the quality of the impression and how likely each particular user is likely to engage based on our contextual knowledge of them. For this reason, while some vendors may just boast reach of audience, we at RollWorks can confidently boast reach AND higher engagement compared to similar vendors in the space.  We also have systems in place to help our customers pace budget spend over days of the campaign including adjusting across days with varying traffic (eg. weekdays and weekends).
3. Exponential reach and Supply Path Optimization:
  • While some of our competitors work with a small handful of Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) or they only work on B2B focused sites, we have direct connections with over 13 premium supply side platforms worldwide, surfacing inventory across all formats; display, native, video, etc. These direct connections allow us to see nearly 100% of internet users across more than 2 million publisher websites. NextRoll’s supply partners offer us the ability to buy inventory on both B2B and B2C sites, allowing us to capture users’ attention wherever they are on the web and provide them the right message at the right time, in the format they specifically are most likely to interact with it. We are able to set customers up to serve strictly on B2B sites, but over the years of programmatic expertise we’ve built up, we’ve learned that restricting inventory only leads to diminished campaign performance.
  • In addition to our extensive reach, we’re working hard to enforce Supply Path Optimization. More traditional ways of buying media see companies placing several bids for ad impressions on several different publisher channels and potentially bidding against themselves, however, we aim for 90% of our buying to be direct or through direct channels, so we know we are taking the most direct, trusted and verified path that the publisher makes available, instead of going through resellers and being subject to extra fees. This ensures your money goes father dollar for dollar with RollWorks since we are taking the most optimal path at all times. BidIQ® also learns win rates and programmatic performance for each of the unique seller paths and dynamically shifts spend towards the most efficient ones.


We’re taking a holistic approach to streamlining our programmatic advertising, looking at both the demand and supply of advertising inventory. As a key player in the online advertising space, we have the proprietary technology and the experience to give our customers the flexibility needed to stay ahead in this fast paced, dynamic environment.

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