RollWorks’ BidIQ®

What is BidIQ® and how does it work?

BidIQ® is the artificial intelligence that is built into and powers RollWorks’ bidding for web display ads. It drives advanced performance marketing capabilities that include bidding, ad optimization, budgeting, and finding new audiences.

It works to optimize towards different goals by outputting the probability that events of interest will occur (eg. if a viewer will click on an ad, and become an engaged visitor, the probability that RollWorks wins the auction at the current price, the probability a customer will see the ad) and calculates a fair price based on those probabilities.

BidIQ® considers hundreds of millions of variables when calculating these probabilities, but - for the sake of time, we’ll just give a few examples:

  • Publisher data: what is the page about, what’s the ad format and ad placement.
  • Advertiser information: how well has the campaign performed in the past, how well have other campaigns performed in the past.
  • Specific user information: how many pages have they looked at, what segments are they in, how many times have they seen an ad already, how long has it been since they’ve gone to the advertiser’s website, and what’s their location.

Once the probabilities are calculated, BidIQ® analyzes the prices we’re paying on the exchanges and the prices that we’re paying for the events we’re interested in and will output a price for these events that is fair market value at that exact time for that exact impression and user.


Differences between BidIQ® and other algorithms

  • More Data: We have a diverse data set of 1.2 billion online profiles and trillions of intent data points to build our AI. Many vendors have AI algorithms, but an AI algorithm is only as good as the data it’s been trained on. BidIQ® processes billions of data points daily to optimize digital marketing strategies for clients of every size and vertical, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. We understand how to do performance advertising for companies in your space.
  • More Flexible: Optimize to any goal and any attribution model -- we don’t force you into one model like other engines.
  • More Control: Target a CPC, CPM, or CPA/ROI (coming soon) with our Bid Strategies feature. We optimize to what you care about depending on your campaign type, from reach to conversions.



Less manual oversight

Unlike some agencies who require account managers to configure different settings in order to inform their algorithm when to bid and how much to bid, e.g. if customer has seen ad x many times, lower the price, or if they are from a specific geography, charge a different price, BidIQ® is constantly learning and optimizing its predictions to automatically adjust bids to respond to the market.

Smarter bidding
Using BidIQ® isn’t just about getting the lowest price, it’s about getting the best price for the specific ad inventory type, on the specific website, time of day, and web format that the website user is most likely to engage with. While some vendors boast about reach - our smarter bidding algorithm means we ensure our customers are getting both reach and engagement.
Automated ad testing
With BidIQ®, creative testing is automated within ad groups. Just upload different versions of the same ad size and BidIQ® will automatically test and show the right ad for the right user. Strategic budget allocation- BidIQ® also helps support manual campaigns, offering smart defaults that it dynamically updates to help every campaign achieve real business impact.
Ability to find more relevant users
BidIQ® draws from the billions of dynamic online profiles in our IntentMap and your 1st party data to help find prospects that look and act like your customers to bring to your site.


Not all bidding algorithms are equal

BidIQ® has been trained to optimize digital marketing strategies on billions of data points from companies of every size and vertical, from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. We understand how to do performance advertising for companies in your space. Additionally, our smart bidding algorithms are focused to ensure you are paying the best price for the exact contextual situation to maximize not just reach but also engagement.

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