Google Analytics Integration Overview

What is the Google Analytics Integration?

The Google Analytics integration enables customers to understand the firmographic profile of their web visitors within Google Analytics via custom dimensions across five key firmographic attributes:

  • Domain
  • Company Name 
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Revenue

Who is Eligible to Access?

Customers eligible for the Site Visitor API may elect to integrate with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. The Site Visitor API is available as an add-on for customers on the Starter and Standard packages and is included for customers on the Professional and Ultimate packages.


If you are on the Starter or Standard package, please contact your Account Manager for pricing details.


What technical requirements are needed to get started? 

Setup guidelines are outlined in this Getting Started with Google Analytics Integration article. Please reach out to your Account Manager and let them know where you would like to send the site visitor data (directly to Google Analytics or to Google Tag Manager).

What are the benefits / implications of sending the data directly to Google Analytics (GA) or to Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

There are no data implications with either options, however, we do recommend GTM if you're already using it to send data to GA. GTM will allow some flexibility in customization, ie: if you want to route the data to other places in the future.

Which tag managers are supported?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is currently supported in this integration.

Other solutions such as Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), Tealium, Ensighten, etc. are not supported at this time. 

Does the integration work with the free version of Google Analytics?

Yes, the free version of Google Analytics provides up to 20 custom dimensions. You'll just need 5 free custom dimensions available for use.

How does the technology work? Does the product use cookies or IP? 

RollWorks leverages both cookies and IP in the deanonymization, and we have partnerships with 3rd party data providers that enrich our assets with data from a variety of publishers in addition to the standard IP lookups. 

As there has been a profound shift in the remote work culture, we recognize that a diverse dataset is more important than ever. Click here to learn more.

Does the solution require any additional code snippets or does it use the existing pixel? 

The solution uses the existing pixel - we'll push a small update to your pixel behind the scenes to make some of the additional variables available, but that will not require any work on your side.

Can we add the variables to the GTM data layer?

Yes, passing variables to the GTM data layer is the recommended mechanism of integration when using GTM. Click here to learn more about the setup and configuration. 

Does the product support Adobe Analytics or Adobe Target?

Not at this time, but please reach out to your Account Manager about the request and use cases.

What are reasons why no data is returned for a site visitor?

  • We may not have the cookie in our database
  • The cookies were not enabled
  • You may not have opted into tracking on the website
  • Your ad blocker may be enabled
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