How to adjust Adjusting Frequency Capping

What is Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping is a RollWorks Campaign setting that allows you to limit the number of impressions per user per day for each individual Campaign. Frequency Capping limits the number of times your ads will appear to the same person in one day.

By default, your Frequency Caps are automatically optimized by BidIQ®, RollWorks' proprietary real-time bidding algorithm. BidIQ® processes hundreds of variables for each and every user to determine whether or not to bid, and how much, at the time of each potential impression.


We strongly recommend that you use the default Frequency Capping Campaign settings to let BidIQ® dynamically optimize how many times your ads appear to the same person.


Adjust Frequency Capping

By setting your own manual frequency caps you are limiting the ability of BidIQ® to automatically optimize your campaign's performance. This will result in lower performance and under-delivery.

To set a manual Frequency Capping for your Campaign:

  • Log in to RollWorks and go to Advertising > Campaigns & Playbooks
  • Click the Campaigns tab
  • Find the campaign that you want to adjust and click on the campaign name
  • Click Edit
  • Scroll down and click Advanced Options  to expose the hidden Frequency Capping settings
  • Toggle off Automatically optimize frequency caps
  • Enter your number under 'Impressions per user per day'. Extremely low frequency caps can not be guaranteed.
  • Click Save

The manual Frequency Capping will be manually set for this specific campaign only. We suggest that you monitor your Campaign performance closely and toggle on Frequency Capping to 'Automatically optimize frequency caps' to let our BidIQ® determine how many times your ads appear to each user.



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